How much did Zego's customers save during the first national lockdown?

Written by Benedict Harrison

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We take a look back at some of the support initiatives we offered in the first national lockdown.

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As England re-enters a national lockdown at the start of November, we understand that times are changing very quickly, and many people may find themselves in challenging situations.

Throughout the first lockdown, we did everything we could to both help our customers, through a number of support initiatives, and to recognise the importance of their role as key workers with our #BehindTheMask campaign.

At Zego, we will continue to stay up to date with the COVID-19 situation in the UK as it develops and to support our customers through these challenging times. As we enter the start of this new lockdown, we decided to take a look back at how much our customers were able to save earlier this year, when the UK entered a national lockdown for the first time.

How much did our Private Hire insurance customers save?

Private hire drivers provided an essential service during the first lockdown, as they helped to transport doctors, nurses and many other key workers from place to place. At Zego, we understood that many private hire drivers wanted to take time away from work, especially those who were shielding or in self-isolation.

We launched a number of initiatives designed to support our private hire drivers, including 14-day sick cover and the option to downgrade their policy to Social, Domestic & Pleasure only insurance. That way, if our customers weren’t at work, they could pay a lower amount for their cover and still use their car for personal use. As a result, our customers saw their premiums reduced by an average of 52% when they downgraded their cover.

We also launched 7-day Private Hire insurance policies to offer our customers short-term cover that provided them with more flexibility. We are proud to have insured more than 3,000 private hire drivers to date with our most flexible Private Hire insurance option.

How much did our delivery insurance customer save?

Delivery and courier drivers remained busy throughout the first lockdown, delivering food and medical supplies to those who needed them.

At Zego, we offer a range of flexible insurance products for delivery drivers, so they can always access cover that’s designed to suit them. For customers who decided to scale down the number of hours they were working, we reached out to let them know that they could make use of our flexible pay-as-you-go policies, which can help part-time delivery drivers save on the cost of their insurance cover.

Zego is the only provider of pay-as-you-go Hire & Reward insurance cover in the UK, helping delivery drivers across the country to work and live more flexibly.

Like our Private Hire customers, Zego’s delivery insurance policyholders were also able to make use of our 14-day sick cover. As fairness is at the heart of Zego’s values, we made this available as soon as possible, as it was the quickest, most proactive, and fairest way we could support customers. More than two thousand drivers were able to take advantage of this initiative in the first lockdown.

How much did our Fleet insurance customers save?

At Zego, we design flexible insurance solutions that are designed to charge fleets according to how much cover they actually use. That means that when many of Zego’s customers saw their business operations reduced, their insurance costs came down too.

In fact, some of Zego’s Fleet insurance saw their insurance premium reduced by as much as 64% during the peak of the last lockdown.

Over the coming weeks and months, we know that your circumstances may change very quickly, and you may be experiencing the impact of COVID-19 already.

At Zego, we are here to support you through these challenging times. If there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here 7 days a week to provide you with any support you may need.