How to keep your vehicle cool in hot weather

Written by Benedict Harrison

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Our top tips for keeping your vehicle cool when the temperature rises.

Image of car on a sunny day

Whilst hot weather can be great for a trip to the park or beach, it’s not always ideal when you’re working long days in your vehicle. Whether you’re a delivery, courier or private hire driver, you may well be familiar with the feeling of struggling through your shift with the sun bearing down on you.

Nobody wants to work in conditions that don’t feel comfortable. In this post, we’ll take a look at some top tips for keeping your car cool when the temperature rises.

Dress for the weather

Before you start your shift, the best thing you can do to stay as comfortable as possible when you’re behind the wheel is to dress for the weather. Make sure to avoid any heavy clothes, such as denim, or synthetic fabrics, like nylon or polyester. Instead, you should wear light coloured, lightweight, breathable fabrics to stay cool.

It’s also worth avoiding any heavy footwear, such as boots. Driving in bare feet isn’t advised, so light canvas shoes, or any shoe with a flexible sole will be a big help on a hot day.

Try to avoid parking in the sun

Whether you’re picking up a food delivery, waiting for your next trip or dropping off a parcel, it’s always worth trying to keep your vehicle out of the sun. If you’re taking a break from your work and leaving your vehicle for a while, you may also wish to consider putting a sunshade on your dashboard to reflect the sunlight away.

Drink plenty of fluids

If you don’t take in enough water, your body will become dehydrated. Not only can this be very uncomfortable, with symptoms such as headaches and dizziness, but it’s also extremely dangerous.

Did you know? Driving whilst dehydrated can have the same effect on your body as driving after a couple of glasses of wine.

Before you start your shift, you might want to freeze a couple of water bottles so that your drinks will stay cooler for longer. It is recommended to drink between 6-8 glasses of water each day, but you may need to take on more water on a particularly hot day.

Should you use air conditioning or put the car windows down?

Everyone has an opinion about which of these is better. If you want to stay as fuel efficient as possible whilst keeping cool, your best course of action is to put the windows down whilst you’re driving around city streets, but switch to air conditioning when you’re driving on mains roads or motorways.

The feeling of getting into a hot car can be extremely unpleasant. Before you get into your car, you can try opening your car doors for 30 seconds or so to let some of the heat out.

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