Introducing the RXD team

Written by Benny Zuffolini

Published on

At Zego, RXD is the name we have given to the team that looks after UX Research, Customer Experience and Design. In short, as a team, we gather insights on our users and use it to create interfaces, inform decisions and enhance communications that keep them at the centre.

The Design side

There are web and native mobile interfaces to cater for at Zego. We launched a new app in October 2020, which opens up a whole new design realm for us.

We use Figma and we work collaboratively, both internally and externally to the team. We believe Product Designers should be part of the cross-functional Product Engineering team and have their main workload coming from the product roadmap. At the same time, we also want to ensure that the outputs are consistent with the brand and that the designers are supported within their craft.

To achieve this, we have a weekly Design Guild session on Mondays where we align and discuss the priorities for the week, and we have two weekly critique sessions scheduled with the entire RXD team. These can be used to showcase work-in-progress for feedback, help or even just sanity-checking. We also have team-driven initiatives that we work together on, such as finalising our Design System.

Aside from this, each designer works closely with their Engineering team and their Product Manager to produce work that is technically feasible as well as pushing for improvements to our customer journeys, using HotJar to gather continuous insights on our website user experience.

Customer Research

We love, love, love our customers. They are the absolute best. In 2020 we focused on independent drivers and riders, and in 2021 we are expanding this to include our knowledge of fleets too.

We are set up to run many different research methods, depending on the circumstances (you can also read more about it here and are always open to try out more. Recently we put plans in place to have a recurring customer panel, we genuinely love to hear from customers over time to see how they are doing. We hear how their circumstances may have changed, how our products are helping them and where we could improve them. Checking in throughout the COVID-19 era and lockdowns has been both humbling and a privilege.

Just like Design, the researchers have their own Guild every Monday and can use any of the critique sessions to discuss their work. Everyone has projects to lead or help with, and everything gets documented in our research repository, shared and socialised with the business through Lunch & Learns or other means.

Customer Experience

The newest formalised function in our team has opened doors to truly go beyond being providers of insights and interfaces, into a space in which we can coordinate with other departments and bring those insights into fruition.

Every week we run the Customer Guild, a meeting open to the whole company where we talk about any work that has an impact on our customers. Data, Marketing, Product, Engineering and more all come together to share what they are focusing on, in a format in which others can jump in to comment or discuss, and ensure we’re aligned. We often share our latest Research findings in these meetings, as well.

We work very closely with Customer Support and Sales teams, as well, and often strive for solutions that can help both our customers and our coworkers, for example by identifying any information gaps in our documentation or exploring ways to improve self-service.

In the end

The story that took us here has been full of action, plot twists and excitement, as you would expect from a London-based startup. There’s so much to do, discover and adapt that only one thing’s for sure - we’re never bored!

There are many open positions at Zego, in the RXD team and others, go have a look and join us!