Life at Zego: company benefits and support

Written by Benedict Harrison

Published on

We take a look at some of the benefits and support we offer to Zegons.

Image of Zego's office entrance

At Zego, we believe that a great employee experience acts as one of the driving forces behind outstanding performance and a highly engaged culture. We are dedicated to creating a safe and engaging working environment, whilst fully committing ourselves to the principles of diversity, inclusion and belonging.

We offer a variety of different benefits, perks and support initiatives to ensure every Zegon can thrive at work and help us to provide cover that powers opportunities.

So what are some of the best features of life at Zego?

Private health care

If any Zegon encounters issues with their health, we want to ensure that they’re properly supported. All our employees have the option to opt in to high quality healthcare coverage for extra peace of mind through challenging times.

Office space after COVID-19

In the days before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zego offices were the central hubs of our work and activity. In a post-pandemic era, we’re committed to continuing to provide access to a shared working space, so Zegons can still spend time in our city centre offices.

Home working equipment

Whenever a new Zegon joins us, we make sure that we can offer a seamless onboarding experience, kitting them out with all the tools they need to get their job done. If there’s ever anything they need, or anything that would help them do their job better, we’ll do our best to help.

Parental leave

At Zego, we believe in creating a flexible working environment that meets the needs of Zego parents. We offer enhanced benefits to support diverse varieties of parental leave, including:

  • 24 weeks of leave at full pay to new mothers or primary caregivers
  • 6 weeks of leave at full pay to new fathers and same sex partners

Competitive compensation

We ensure that all Zegons feel financially supported, by offering:

  • A competitive salary package with stock options
  • Pension
  • 25 days annual leave on top of bank holidays

Coaching and therapy sessions

Considering the amount of time we all spend at work, it’s important that Zegons feel they can be themselves and not have to put on a front. As well as providing the physical tools all our employees need to work, we also want to ensure that everyone has access to support with their mental health.

That’s why we’re partnered with Blackwood Consultants for therapeutic coaching. They combine coaching and therapy to offer a wide range of support to our team. Blackwood are available, however a Zegon wants to use this time, whether it’s for learning to be better at public speaking, or for talking about something more personal, such as a relationship breaking down. We cover the cost of 12 sessions a year and people can use these however they like.

We’re always looking out for more ways to support everyone at Zego, with employee feedback playing a vital role in the benefits and support initiatives that we offer. For more information about life at Zego, as well as a list of our current vacancies, have a look at our Careers page.