Meet the Zego Customer Experience team

Written by Millie Paine

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Customer experience team

Our Customer Experience team are the front-line of Zego, and are at the heart of what we do: their role is to ensure all of our customers are treated fairly and have an amazing experience both purchasing and managing their insurance. We spoke to three of our top-performing Customer Experience agents - Omar, Ellen and Billy - about what it’s like working at Zego, and what makes someone a great salesperson.

How long have you been at Zego, and what experience did you have prior to starting?

Omar - I’ve been at Zego for around 7 months - prior to this, I worked at Red Bull. I’d go to different corner shops and convenience stores to chat to them about the brand and deliver stock to clients.

Ellen - I’ve worked here for 4 months. I’d only been in the office for a month and a half before we all left to work remotely, which was quite a challenge. I had experience making sales on the phone before Zego, when I worked in a photography studio selling photoshoots and packages.

Billy - I’ve been here since October, but before this, I’d never had any experience working in sales. I was actually a trained electrician, and I know Zego took a bit of a chance on me when offering me this role. I’m so glad that they did though - they taught me how to be a great salesperson and there have been loads of opportunities for me to grow and excel.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Billy - A typical day for me at Zego involves tackling as many outbound calls as I can from 9 to 12. I have a bit of lunch, and then I take inbound calls for the rest of the day. I try to structure my day as I normally would at the office while working from home, and make sure I take regular little comfort breaks. Breaks are really important for being productive for me, otherwise I’ll go mad!

Ellen - I like to start my day off with an iced coffee before logging on in the morning. We normally have a huddle at 10am - we’ll go through any of the sales that happened yesterday and discuss our goals for the day. We deal with our inbound calls and go through any refined quotes, and I’ll send out emails to any customers that don’t answer to let them know I’ve reached out to them.

Omar - At the start of the day I head over to Zendesk to look at the private hire and delivery folder, and give them a call. If I don’t get through to them, I schedule a call back. After that, I check my tickets. This is to make sure I get back to any customers that have sent me an email or tried to get back in contact with me. In between this, I take inbound and outbound calls throughout the day. I always try to keep a log of customers to make sure I follow up and call them.

What do you like most about working at Zego?

Ellen - Zego is a really comforting work environment - everyone is really friendly and always checking in on you to make sure you’re ok. They made me feel really welcome when I first joined.

Billy - The main thing I love about Zego is the number of opportunities I’ve had - throughout my time working here I’ve learned so much more than I could have anticipated. I’ve learned different skills and then taught them to other people. It’s great to work at a company where I feel really valued.

Omar - I really like the culture. There’s loads of young people around my age in the sales team, and a lot of banter and mixing. I love the brand and what we’re doing for our customers. Having pay-as-you-go insurance for hire and reward is a really good idea for people who are working part-time.

What challenges do you face working at Zego? How do you overcome them?

Ellen - One thing at Zego that is quite challenging is that a lot of our customers don’t have English as a first language. This means you have to try and change the way you word things and communicate concepts to make them easier to understand. This can be tough with technical insurance terms.

Billy - The competition is always the biggest challenge for me at Zego. I’m not always going to be the best seller, and there are other people that are better than me. However, competition can sometimes be the best thing in the world, even when it’s a challenge. I try to resolve it by learning and bettering myself as a salesperson.

Omar - Rejection - when a customer isn’t happy with the price of our products or our service. I always try and understand where they’re coming from and try to offer them a solution. A customer might have a cheaper quote from another company and want a discount. I offer my own product knowledge to customers to suit the drivers’ needs, particularly if they don’t know what they want. I like doing this as it means I get to help them find which products they need and what the best option is for them.

What do you think makes a good salesperson?

Ellen - Being bubbly and good at building rapport over the phone. You need to be able to have a normal conversation with a customer, and enjoy getting to know people.

Billy - I’d say there are two rules to being good at sales. Firstly, it’s important to have a really strong opening and closing question, which saves you a lot of time over the phone. Secondly, you need to treat the customer like you would anyone else. Don’t speak to them like a salesperson, but as someone that you want to have a conversation with.

Omar - A good salesperson is someone who will really learn the products inside-out. Customers have a lot of questions, and you need to be ready to answer them professionally and with the right product knowledge. You also need to believe in what you’re selling. I feel like these products are genuinely changing the market, which makes me want to go above and beyond to hit my targets and reach out to customers. Lastly, you need good listening skills. 99%, the customer is right. Understanding this, and having patience, is the key to making a sale.

Finally, how are you spending your free time during lockdown?

Ellen - I’ve been cooking loads while in lockdown, which means I save loads of money on lunch while I’m not in the office. My go-to is seafood and chicken paella.

Billy - In my free time, I hang out with my partner and my family. I’m also learning how to barbeque properly - I just learned how to do a nice set of sausages and some burgers. I’m also trying to get closer and spend more time with my workmates.

Omar - I’ve mostly just been staying at home, occasionally reading and exercising. In the evenings I play Xbox to catch up with my friends.

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