Meet Zego's office dogs

Written by Benedict Harrison

Published on

As we’ve grown over the past few months and years, the importance of scaling the number of dogs we have coming into the office alongside the number of Zegons hasn’t escaped us. Studies have shown that having dogs around the office has the power to do wonders for happiness and wellbeing at work, and we consider dogs to be an important part of our culture.

However, as we all know, the best kind of fun exists within the framework of rules, so we do have some guidelines in place about dogs in the office. We have a Slack channel dedicated to the subject and a google calendar which informs everyone of the dogs that will be in on particular days.

To ensure dogs don’t become a distraction, we also have a limit on how many dogs can be in together, so you won’t see more than three of these furry faces in the office on any given day.

In this post, we’ll introduce some of our canine friends, all of whom enjoy a day out at Zego from time to time.


Bia is the canine incarnation of gluttony; a dog whose singular purpose on this Earth is to consume as much as possible. Snacks aren’t safe when Bia is around, and she doesn’t need an invitation to tuck in either! Many a Friday breakfast has fallen victim to Zego’s resident artful beagle.

When Bia isn’t busy barking at the biscuits on the counter, she likes to follow her nose around the office. Unfortunately, on one occasion, this led to her trapping herself face-down in a bin, with her legs poking out of the lid.


Blue is a miniature dachshund/Jack Russell cross who loves a cuddle - but woe betide anyone who tries to part him from his yak butter chew.

He is among the quietest of the office dogs, although he does occasionally partake in ‘wacky races’, where he and Sammy sprint up and down the office until one of them is plucked out of the air and their game is swiftly brought to an end.


Claw is perhaps the happiest dog in the world. With a tail that wags with such vigour that her body moves with it and a perpetual smile across her face, Claw looks upon every day in the office as a treat.

Days where other dogs are here too are even better as far as Claw is concerned. Everyone is a friend in her book!


Colin is a miniature dachshund who loves to strut his stuff down the office. This little fellow can often be found perched on someone’s lap, casting a keen eye over a laptop screen, looking down from on high.

Whilst he isn’t quite as obsessed with food as Bia, Colin occasionally puts on his best puppy eyes in the hope of getting a treat or two. Sadly for Colin, our employees know not to feed dogs when they’re in the office.


Sammy is our longest-serving office dog, despite being one of the youngest. Introduced to Zego when he was still a puppy, Sammy has grown alongside our company, bearing witness to an office move, a $42 million fundraise and he has seen almost a hundred more Zegons come through the door.

Although he’s not much more than a puppy, this miniature schnauzer has already featured as Insurance Age’s pet of the month and has built up an Instagram following of more than 2000 adorers. Impressive!


Sophie is an absolute unit. Half bear, half Bernese Mountain Dog, Sophie’s barreling runs are both magnificent and terrifying in equal measure. She even followed in Sammy’s footsteps by achieving Insurance Age’s pet of the month. Nobody at Zego doubts that she is a worthy winner of this accolade!

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