Supporting our customers in the time of COVID-19

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As drivers working in the delivery and mobility sectors continue to provide a service of critical importance amidst the ongoing developments regarding COVID-19, we must do all that we can to support them.

Times are changing very quickly, which means it is paramount for us to display both our agility and our commitment to helping all our customers. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the key options we have made available so that we can continue to provide flexible and suitable insurance solutions to everyone from scooter riders to van couriers and more.

14-day credit notice

As part of an ongoing wider effort to offer support in these difficult times, we are providing our customers with up to 14 days’ credit against the renewal of their policy if they have a 30-day or Annual policy and can’t work due to suspected COVID-19.

We know how important it is to help our customers if their working situation changes because of circumstances beyond their control. We are providing this option together with our partner, La Parisienne Assurances, who share our willingness and resolve to help our customers in these difficult times.

Fully flexible insurance cover

At Zego, flexibility is an integral part of every product that we offer. We designed our pay-as-you-go insurance to solve a problem for delivery workers, providing them with cover that matches the flexibility of their work.

If we think that any of our customers may be better suited to our flexible product during this time, we have been actively reaching out to them, letting them know how this product works and how they can get started with it.

New product launch

To help support private hire drivers who have found themselves completely unable to work in light of current circumstances, we built and launched a new product with our partner, La Parisienne Assurances.

Our latest product offers a temporary, short-term solution to our existing Private Hire customers. It enables them to save on the cost of their insurance by scaling their cover down to the legally required minimum until they can return to work. Instead of having to declare their card off-road and being unable to drive, we are providing our customers with an affordable solution that means they can still use their vehicle for personal driving.

Our team is still on hand, offering world-class customer support by email and over the phone 7 days a week. Whatever happens over the coming weeks and months, we are here to support our customers.