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At Zego, we believe that our company values should go even further than being embedded within our culture. Instead, we want them to be bound inextricably to the way we think and work, both as individuals and collaboratively as a team.

Every voice matters at Zego. So to illustrate the impact of our values on both our culture and our work, we asked four Zegons to write a short piece, with one person exploring the meaning of each value. In this post, we look at what our values mean to us and how they are integral to life at Zego from the perspective of Zegons themselves.

Take the wheel: Natalie (Senior Product Manager)

We're drivers, not passengers. Move fast, get things done, hold yourself accountable. Encourage others to do the same. This journey is yours.

It's easy for a company to encourage its employees to take initiative without empowering them with the support, recognition and resources needed for them to follow through on their ideas. At four months into my journey at Zego, I have always felt that my proposals have been met with equal enthusiasm and participation from my colleagues.
Taking the wheel does not mean implementing your ideas by all means necessary, or being aggressive and shouting about things you want. It simply means not needing permission to take ownership about something you truly care about - be it the customer experience, or your own personal development. Taking the wheel is core to the Zego philosophy and way of working. That also means working hard continuously as we grow to cultivate an environment where people aren't afraid of taking initiative and as a result, sometimes making mistakes. It’s important to establish a positive feedback culture and have the necessary checks in place to make sure the initiatives surfaced are the right ones and that they are implemented to a high standard.
I've seen this value lived out in the little things: being encouraged to suggest conferences I think it would be beneficial to attend or my peers being willing to disagree and commit to testing a hypothesis I've put forward. Taking the wheel at Zego is a lot more than saying "I think we should do this, so I'm going to do it". It means having a strong conviction of the direction you think we should go, taking ownership of how to get there, and knowing that people are there to support you.

Thrive on challenge: Alexandra (Executive Assistant)

Ask why. Think big. Be curious, creative and hungry for new solutions. Ignore tradition and question the impossible - because difficult can be fun.

Life at Zego is never dull and it’s full of challenges, both big and small. Thriving on challenge means questioning the impossible, thinking big and being creative with solutions to problems.
I joined Zego in April this year. Within just 24 hours of starting, I was tasked with finding a new office space to fit the growing team. Working alongside a property agent, I found a floor in the Tea Building and after a bidding war against another start-up and some tense negotiations, the space was ours.
We had a limited amount of time between our old lease ending and the new one beginning, so we set about transforming the space. Depending on the scope of the works, fit-out projects can take months. We didn’t have months, we had weeks - just one to be exact.
Over the course of the office move, we spent a lot of time firefighting. Challenges arose on an almost daily basis and we learnt a huge amount during this time. However, by seeing every day as an opportunity to live our values, the office move became an exercise in thriving on challenge.
A few months on, we’re happy to say that everyone is enjoying life in our new space as the team continues to grow.

Pursue excellence: Ken (Senior Data Engineer)

Bring your passion and ambition to work. Build a business that thrives tomorrow, not just today. Focus your firepower to make the greatest impact.

At Zego, we believe that excellence is the result of always trying to make things better. At a company-level, this means improving insurance for those that need and depend on it, but it can be applied on an individual basis too. In my role as an engineer, I strive to make sure our technologies are secure, scalable, reliable, performant and cost-effective. Through a unified and shared belief in excellence as one of our core values, we empower everyone at Zego to identify what it means in their domain, as well as providing people with the autonomy to pursue their ambitions, as we continue to find ways to improve every aspect of our work.
We’re already reaping the benefits of our efforts from the start, but Zegons are just getting started. Excellence not only begets pride in a job well done, but it provides us with the confidence to do it again. The work of others is an uplifting motivator, which can inspire us all. Our constant search to raise the bar in everything that we do makes Zego an exceptional place to work, ensuring excellence will exist in every new Zegon and Zego endeavour. The notion of excellence keeps us on track, serving importantly as both as a means to an end and in itself.

We're in this together: Ben (Accountant)

Zegons care. Support one another, take pride in teamwork and go the extra mile for customers. Leave your ego at the door. Every voice matters.

Working at Zego is about more than just insurance; it’s about problem-solving with a group of friends. Zegons, as we call ourselves, are smart, supportive, passionate, and ambitious. We have over 20 different nationalities in our company, and each of them bring a set of fresh perspectives and creative opinions. This mixing pot of ideas allows us to think up solutions that break the mould of what traditional insurance should look like. Every Zegon’s voice can make a difference and every suggestion is welcomed, which has resulted in a culture of continual improvement. One person's idea can create a spark, but a company full of ideas can start a fire that changes an industry.
So how is this culture of collaboration applied? I’ve learnt to genuinely listen to what others have to say without prioritising my own foregone conclusions. Constructive feedback can be difficult to absorb at times, but once you learn to leave your ego at the door, you can start to take large leaps forward. And conversations with colleagues don’t always have to be about work. By simply listening to each other's joys and frustrations we often gain perspective and clarity, which can then be channelled back into creative problem-solving.
A shining example of Zego’s shared company spirit takes place every week on a Friday, in what we call “Weekly Wins”. This is an open forum for any Zegon to stand up, present, and be proud of what they achieved that week. Big or small, all progress is regarded as a win, and it is celebrated with an oversized orange microphone, humorous memes, and cheers from the rest of the company. This is just one of the many ways that Zegons get to learn about what their colleagues do each week and is an excellent platform to show off new ideas in an encouraging environment.

As Zego continues to grow, we’re always on the lookout for people who share our values. It is only through this resonance of approach that we can scale our culture alongside our business. If you’re interested in finding out more about life at Zego, or you would like to have a look at the roles we have available, please visit our careers page.

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