Under The Hood: Top 5 Fleet Portal features (so far)

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Under The Hood: Top 5 Fleet Portal features (so far)

The Zego Fleet Portal is more powerful than ever!

In October, we released some exciting new tools and features to help you control and optimise your fleet performance. It’s all part of our mission to save you time and money.

Let’s take a look.

Harsh Events on a map

Lack of visibility of your drivers’ behaviour on the road can be frustrating. As a fleet manager, you need to know what’s happening on every trip, so you can support your team and help prevent accidents.

So we built the new Harsh Events on a map feature. It allows you to view full trip details for each of your vehicles, see any harsh events that might occur, and also identify risky areas where accidents are more likely to happen.

Why have we released this feature?

Our goal is to help you reduce the number of accidents among your fleet, reduce your claims, and therefore lower your insurance costs. This feature gives you all the data and control you need to identify risky driving patterns, and help your drivers become safer on the road.

Harsh Events Insights

Now you have all the data you need. But how can you help your drivers improve?

The new Harsh Events Insight feature provides you with insights and handy tips from our team of risk management experts. You can now learn how harsh events occur, their potential consequences, and how to prevent them.

Why have we released this feature?

To help you have more productive conversations with high-risk drivers, and support them in improving their performance on the road.

Speeding Events

Speeding can cause severe accidents. Not only can it lead to expensive claims, it can also result in loss of life. As a fleet manager, you need to know how your drivers behave on the road, so you can put measures in place to help your drivers avoid speeding.

The Speeding Events feature allows you to see which drivers break local speed limits, and the insights you need to help them slow down.

Also, speeding now affects your overall risk score. This makes your fleet's risk score more accurate, giving you a better view of how your fleet is performing.

Why have we released this feature?

So you can easily identify drivers exceeding speed limits, and to give you insights that can help reduce the risk of severe accidents.

The Platinum Band

For those in your fleet who are already driving well, what’s the best way to identify and reward them?

Say hello to the Platinum Band! It’s a new risk category that highlights your best-performing drivers — those with a risk score of 95 or more.

The goal of reaching a place in the Platinum Band is a great way to motivate your drivers, encouraging healthy competition throughout your fleet. The more vehicles in the Platinum Band, the less likelihood of accidents and claims.

Fewer accidents and claims? You guessed it — lower fleet insurance costs.

Why have we released this feature?

Good drivers deserve recognition for their commitment to drive more safely. With this feature, you can now identify and reward them.

The Telematics section

We’ve removed the 80% requirement for ABAX installation on your vehicles, and added a new feature to your Fleet Overview page. It’s called the Telematics Section.

In this section of the Fleet Portal, you can view how many of your vehicles have ABAX devices installed, and how many of those ABAX devices are healthy. With one click, you can also get to the ABAX activation page and see the guidelines on how to get and install telematics devices.

Why have we released this feature?

We want fleets to enjoy the benefits of the Risk Score and Risk Insights features, regardless of how many vehicles have their ABAX devices installed.

But it’s worth remembering that more vehicles with ABAX devices means a more accurate fleet risk score.

That’s a wrap!

Our goal is to give you an accurate and complete picture of how your drivers are doing on the roads. Armed with powerful insights and handy tools, you’ll have everything you need to help your fleet perform at its best. 

Watch out for more exciting features coming to the Fleet Portal soon!