Usage-based Fleet insurance powered by ABAX

Written by Benedict Harrison

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Zego's partnership with ABAX will help to drive down the cost of insurance for fleets.

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At Zego, we offer flexible, usage-based cover, backed by the biggest names insurance to help keep your fleet on the road. We provide insurance solutions that are as unique as your business, so you can get a policy that suits you.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the benefits of Zego’s usage-based cover, how our flexible policies work with the ABAX device and how your fleet can get the most out of the ABAX solution.

How does Zego’s cover work?

With Zego’s fleet insurance, your premium is determined by the amount of cover you receive. By using advanced technology and data, we build custom premiums based on your vehicles and drivers, and the time and distance they cover.

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To ensure your vehicles are always covered, you pay a minimum base rate for your policy. Then we calculate a flexible premium depending on the usage of your vehicles, which we base on either the mileage of your vehicles or how much time they spend on the road. No matter how much you use your vehicles, you’ll never pay more than your agreed monthly cap.

How does Zego work with the ABAX solution?

The ABAX solution helps power Zego’s usage-based policies by gathering data on the usage of your vehicles. When the ABAX device is installed in your vehicles, you can keep track of how long your vehicles are on the road and how much distance they cover. We then use this information to calculate the ‘flexible’ part of your premium.

Did you know?

If you have vehicles that are off-road and not in use, you can save up to 80% per vehicle on your premium.

What else can the ABAX solution offer?

The advantages of setting up the ABAX solution go far beyond simply helping you access flexible insurance. You can get the most out of the ABAX solution to access a range of benefits, helping you manage your risk and improve your operational efficiency.

Vehicle tracking

ABAX’s GPS-based ​vehicle tracking unit is suitable for all vehicle types and fleet sizes. It helps you to keep track of when and where your vehicles are being driven, with real-time tracking available 24/7.

HMRC compliant mileage claims

If you need to submit mileage claims to HMRC, the ABAX solution can do all the hard work for you. Because the mileage of your fleet is calculated automatically, you can save time for yourself and your drivers. ABAX’s data collection is HMRC compliant too, so you won’t have to worry about discrepancies when completing your tax returns and business mileage claims.

Insights into driving behaviour

By keeping track of how your drivers are navigating the road, you can unlock insights into the risk associated with your fleet. When a driver adheres to best practices behind the wheel, they use less fuel, contribute fewer emissions and reduce their risk of being involved in an incident. If you understand the driving patterns of your workforce, you can both reduce your operating costs and minimise your vehicle downtime.

Effective fleet management

Fleet management software helps you optimise your routes to improve the efficiency of your drivers and deliver a better service to your customers. Live, real-time tracking helps you respond quickly to any road-traffic incidents, so you can maximise the productivity of your fleet.

What else can Zego offer?

As well as helping you save money on the cost of your cover, Zego works with industry leading partners, including RSA, Swiss Re and La Parisienne to offer you fantastic support. We also provide you with access to our user-friendly online portal so you can manage your fleet with ease.

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