What can Zego's insurance offer your fleet?

Written by Benedict Harrison

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We take a look at how Zego's Fleet insurance solution is helping to serve our customers' needs.

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Whether you have a taxi, courier or micromobility fleet, your insurance doesn’t always keep up with your business. At Zego, we’re changing the way Fleet insurance works. Unlike with traditional models of insurance, our solution provides you with cover that can scale up or down to meet the demands of your business.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how flexible and fair insurance can help your fleet by hearing from some of Zego’s Fleet insurance customers, who have been able to benefit from our flexible solutions. We’ll explore some of the benefits of Zego’s usage-based product and we’ll show you how you can get started with your quote for Fleet insurance.

How does Zego serve its customers?

At Zego, we aim to provide the best service possible to all our customers. When you purchase Fleet insurance with Zego, you get access to our dedicated management portal, so you can add or remove vehicles from your policy with ease. We’ll also help you out with handy instructions, so you can get up to speed with how our portal works quickly and easily.

We also have dedicated Account and Claims Management teams to help with any questions you may have, and an in-house legal team who specialise in micromobility legislation.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

How does usage-based Fleet insurance work?

When you set up a usage-based Fleet insurance policy, you pay a premium which depends on the actual usage-of your vehicles. This means that you’re always paying a premium that is based on how much cover you have actually received. Although your total insurance cost can vary from month to month, your price will always be in line with your business operations.

You pay a minimum base rate for your cover, so that you’re always covered to operate your fleet legally. Then, depending on how much time your vehicles spend out on the road or how much distance they cover, you pay a flexible premium based on the ‘usage’ of your fleet.

Image of how Zego's fleet insurance works

Even in months where your fleet is more active, you’ll never pay more than your agreed monthly cap, so you always get a price that is fair and transparent. We also offer you the option to pay monthly rather than anually, so you get an insurance solution that’s in line with your cash flow.

How is the flexible premium calculated?

To help you get flexible insurance that works for your fleet, Zego is partnered with ABAX, a world-class telematics provider. With the ABAX devices installed in your fleet’s vehicles, we can capture information about the actual usage of your vehicles so we can offer you a fairer premium. We can also take away the need for manual mileage reporting each month, with automatic reports sent directly from ABAX to Zego.

Plus you can get access to a great range of benefits too, including:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • HMRC compliant mileage claims
  • Insights into driving behaviour
  • Effective fleet management

You can find out more about how you can benefit from our partnership with ABAX here.

For more information about our products, and to get started with your quote for usage-based cover, you can visit our Fleet insurance page.