What does "Life at Zego" mean to you?

Written by Benedict Harrison

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At Zego, we want our team to be aligned in everything from our company values to how they work together on a daily basis. It’s important that everyone enjoys working at Zego, challenging themselves to pursue excellence in everything that they do and take the wheel when tasked with finding solutions.

The phrase ‘Life at Zego’ was initially defined as an embodiment of the culture that we feel when we walk through the doors of Zego’s offices. Since its creation, it has often appeared alongside posts on our company’s Instagram page, showcasing both the prosaic and sometimes the more special events that take place in and outside of our offices.

But what these pictures don’t always capture is how Zegons think and feel about our culture and about working at Zego. The best way to explore what ‘Life at Zego’ truly means is to speak to the people who work here.

So we asked the question, “What does life at Zego mean to you?” to 3 members of our company, all from different teams. Here’s what they had to say in response…


Charlotte works in our Operations Team and has been at Zego for more than 2 1/2 years. As part of her role, Charlotte liaises with insurers, underwriters, claims handlers and internal teams at Zego to develop and launch the products our customers want to see.

As Zego’s first employee, I have seen a lot of changes that the company has been through, and experienced the ebb and flow of start-up life. My role has changed considerably since those early days in 2016; starting in Customer Service, to managing and scaling the team as Customer Service Operations Manager, to my current role as an Operations Manager. These opportunities to develop have been extremely valuable and I have loved the challenge and autonomy these roles have afforded. The fast-paced environment requires you to move and adapt quickly, but if you thrive on challenge, Zego is for you.
Being part of a team of now over 70 people (and counting!) has meant I have made some great friendships at Zego. It is the people that make a working environment and collaborating with these teams are some of the memories I cherish most from my time here; from dressing up as ghosts for Halloween (because, why not?!) to nighttime pizza runs when working late.
Working at Zego has been a key part of my career to date and I am excited to see what happens next in its journey – watch this space!


Dan joined Zego as a Software Engineer and has been working at Zego for just under a year. He works in our Taxi squad, building out the products and ancillary products designed for drivers working with Zego's largest partners.

Life at Zego is not for the faint of heart. The pace is relentless and the problems we aim to solve are complex and challenging. But working in a small and fast-growing startup is incredibly rewarding - your impact will be felt immediately. For me, this makes the work far more fulfilling than in larger companies, where it’s easier to get bogged down in processes rather than getting the job done.
The next chapter in the Zego story is likely to be a fascinating one, as the business evolves from a small to medium-sized startup. This company is full of intelligent, hardworking and passionate people, always trying to innovate and challenge the status quo of the traditional insurance industry. Zego might not be a household name yet, but by partnering with companies like Uber or Deliveroo and providing insurance in new and innovative ways, I am pretty certain that we will be at the forefront of the new on-demand economy for years to come!


Nick joined Zego recently, taking up a role in Customer Service 3 months ago. He works as part of a team to help new and existing customers with their cover, speaking to them over the phone, by email and on social media.

Life at Zego never stands still. We are a network of minds aligning ourselves to the sole cause of making the insurance journey simpler, more adept and more accessible to the customers that place their trust in us. In the Customer Service team, we are the voice of the organism, speaking to people from all walks of life and ensuring that we meet all of their insurance needs. Our reputation is built on hard work. The fast pace allows us to drink in complex policy detail so we are able to advise our customers about the products available to them and the benefits they offer for their day to day lives.
We Zegons are experts at listening, analysing, reinterpreting and delivering, but what makes life at Zego so exciting is that we are carving out our own place in the world and the opportunities are endless. But our first and most important obligation, the reason people need and trust us, is to establish insurance products that enable and not hinder people to live their lives. Despite the rewards on offer to us for our hard work and dedication to the cause, we are on the side of the people.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Zego, please visit our careers page. Here you will find our current job vacancies as well as some more information about life at Zego.