What is Uber Eats Boost for Food Delivery Drivers?

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  • Uber Eats Boost is a promotion scheme for food delivery drivers
  • Drivers can earn multiples of the standard delivery fee during Boost promotion periods
  • UK food delivery drivers could save £hundreds every year by switching to Zego Food Delivery insurance

Uber Eats launched in the UK in June 2016. Since then, many thousands of riders and drivers have joined the platform, and they deliver take-away food to homes across 90% of the nation.

Fuelled by the pandemic, when going out to eat was banned, the consumer need for food delivery skyrocketed. Now, even though the hospitality industry is back, the UK’s love of restaurant food without the restaurant shows no sign of easing. To help match customer demand for deliveries to the number of drivers on their network, Uber Eats operates a driver promotion scheme called Boost. What is this and how does it work? Read on to discover all you need to know.

What is Uber Eats Boost?

Uber Eats Boost is a promotion programme that offers food delivery drivers extra earnings for making deliveries during periods of high demand. Drivers can earn multiples of the fee they earn per trip when they pick up food in a Boost zone in the city where they work.

Does Uber Eats Boost pay food delivery drivers for every order?

No. Drivers only earn extra fees with Uber Eats Boost if the pick-up location is in a Boost zone and during a Boost timeslot. Outside of the Boost zones, or when there are no Boost timeslots, drivers earn standard fees.

How much does Uber Eats Boost pay food delivery drivers?

Boost rewards drivers with multiples of the standard delivery fee. For example, if the Boost multiplier is x2 and the standard delivery fee is £10, the Boost promotion will double this to £20. Boost multiples can range from x1.1, which will add an extra 10%, up to x3 or more.

How do food delivery drivers know where Boost zones are and when they are operating?

Drivers can find out where Boost zones are in their city and when the operating times are:

  1. Via the driver’s Uber Eats app – a live map that works when the driver is online of offline shows where the Boost zones will be that day and at what times.
  2. With notifications that alert drivers to Boost zones operating in their city.
  3. In the ‘Promotions’ section of the Uber Eats app. Info showing where and when Boost will be available is regularly updated.

What insurance do I need to work with Uber Eats?

Food Delivery insurance is a legal requirement for all UK food delivery drivers. Standard motor insurance, (social, domestic, and pleasure – SD&P), does not cover this type of business activity. (Learn more here). Drivers can purchase Zego food delivery cover in addition to their existing SD&P insurance, or they may buy an All-In-One policy that provides combined SD&P and food delivery protection.

Parcel delivery is also covered with most Food Delivery policies, but the insurance does not cover the transport of passengers for payment – an activity known as private hire.

How long do I need cover for?

It’s cheaper to buy Food Delivery insurance by the year. However, some drivers only need cover for seasonal or part-time work. They could purchase hourly or 30 days policies to keep costs down.

How fast can I get food delivery insurance?

Very fast with Zego. From quote to policy in less than half an hour. Discover competitively-priced Food Delivery insurance that may save drivers £hundreds every year. Select third party or fully comprehensive cover with flexible hourly, 30 days, or annual policies.

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