Why I stayed at Zego

Written by Benedict Harrison

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During the last couple of months, we’ve seen a rather interesting trend emerging at Zego. Fixed-term contractors, who have joined us for a set period of time, have extended their stay and have taken on permanent roles.

Instead of leaving us at the end of their contract, they’ve decided to become full-time Zegons, sometimes making drastic changes to plans that pre-date the start of their time here. We spoke to three Zegons who initially joined as contractors and asked them why they chose to stay.


Louise joined Zego to help the company prepare for an audit. She is now employed full-time as our interim CFO.

In February this year, I decided it was time to take a break from the amazing world of insurance finance. My plan? Take 3 months off to go on holidays. With this in mind, I left my job and planned to travel around Finland, Budapest, Portugal and Jordan.
At the end of March, I received a call from a friend, who informed me that a company called ‘Zego’ needed some help in their Finance Team. Reluctantly, I agreed to chat with the CEO.
I spoke with Sten and then came to meet him along with a couple of Zegons from the Finance Team later on that month. Not much more than a week later, I was starting a new position for the next few months.
On my first day, I was given the enormous task of preparing the company for an audit. I had no idea how big that task was going to be. However, here I am 5 months later, fully signed up as a permanent Zegon with the first audit almost complete.
Although I initially joined on a temporary basis, there are a lot of reasons why I decided to stay here. It meant a lot to me that Sten honoured the time off for my remaining trips, although I did get my arm stuck while canyoning in Jordan (but that’s a story for another day!).
Despite the huge amount of transactional data I’ve been churning through, it’s been really fun. I love working in a team where I feel like I really make a difference. But most of all, I love the buzz that exists here.


George initially joined Zego to help with tech recruitment. He now works full-time as a Talent Strategy & Acquisition Manager.

In March this year, I accepted a position at a company in the US. While I was going through the lengthy visa process, I looked for positions as a fixed-term contractor here in the UK. After completing my first contract, Zego reached out to me to see if I would be interested in a position on a permanent basis. I explained that I was only looking for fixed-term contracts, as I already had a permanent position lined up. Although I was initially hesitant, I spoke with the CTO and CEO in the space of a day, and I received an offer the very same evening to start the following Tuesday.
From my first day working with Zego, I was made to feel like part of the team, even though I was only contracting. I was tasked with making sure the recruitment process in tech was kept quick and efficient, as well as making sure that we were providing the best experience possible for both the interviewer and the candidate. It was great to be part of a company where the C-level guys really cared about the people within the company and making sure that the processes were followed properly. I have previously had experiences in similar sized start-ups where the senior management only really cared about these things when it suited them.
I decided to stay here at Zego and pull out of the move to the US. I really felt like there was an opportunity to be part of something; a place where I can grow personally and professionally. Despite the recruitment function being very young here, with lots of things we need to do and implement, I feel like this is a place where I can really add value. The job is fun and challenging, but it’s the atmosphere and the people here that ultimately made the decision for me.


Kofi joined Zego to help form a plan for our upcoming work. He has now taken on a full-time role as Director of People.

In June this year, I was a contractor helping companies and executive teams to scale through hyper growth. I had left a job and company I loved a year earlier and had struggled to find another company that felt right since then.
I had decided I wouldn’t become a permanent employee for a few years and would simply try companies out to gain experience and see what was out there. After working at a few companies where things really weren’t right, this felt like a truly excellent plan.
Lining up the next contract I started discussions with the Zego team about how things were going and the problems, opportunities, challenges they would be facing. I agreed to come in for a couple of weeks and provide an objective assessment of the upcoming work. Two weeks came and went and I discovered I was writing an action plan for the next six months. Not only was I writing the plan, but I was getting heavily involved in the execution of it. As I pondered finding others to enact the work, I realised that I deeply wanted to be the one to do this. I enjoyed being a part of the company and really liked the team I was adopted into. We started planning socials, putting together plans and formed a team that made me giggle. As a contractor this was unusual.
Why did I decide to accept a permanent position? Within 2 months of working at Zego, I felt that I belonged and cared not only about the work, but also for the people in the company. I was allowed to fix problems and was given an incredible amount of trust to get after things and make them excellent. I found myself amongst people that were humble, ambitious, but relentless in the pursuit of excellence. They did this all with a smile on their face and wanted to have fun at work. After a year of missing this I didn’t feel I could pass it up. It was a stark truth when my wife told me it was the first time in over a year I had come home from work and giggled about my day.

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