Zego confirmed as a sponsor of LINK Pride 2021

Written by Zego

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Image of LGBTQ+ Insurance Network logo

At Zego, we place the utmost importance on the principles of diversity, inclusion and belonging to ensure that we create a culture that is healthy, safe and engaging for all Zegons. When we speak about diversity, we’re not only referring to typical characteristics, such as race, gender or orientation, but also thought, accessibility and experience.

With this in mind, we are extremely proud to announce that Zego has been confirmed as a LINK Pride 2021 sponsor. LINK, which is the professional network for the LGBTQ+ insurance community, works to promote LGBTQ+ rights, issues, and needs within the insurance industry, while also working to improve the profile of the insurance market within the broader LGBTQ+ community.

As part of this initiative, we will be taking part in the Insurance Pride 2021 T-Shirt design competition to promote Pride and the importance of inclusion.

The winning design will be submitted into the industry-wide initiative, where designs will be

judged by a central team and a large percentage of the proceeds from this project will be going towards LGBTQ+ focused charities.

Kingsley Macey, Chief People Officer at Zego said:

“At Zego, we genuinely care so much for our colleagues and all of the communities to which they may belong. Diversity is innate to us here, and so we continually ask, ‘what more can we do?’ and, ‘how can we be even better in this space?’, and all Zegons share this passion.

As a leader who happens to be gay, I have my own love and scar stories, and many reasons why diversity generally, but more specifically LGBTQ+ issues, are particularly important to me. Yet a commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging is shared by every single person at Zego and is something that binds us all together.

With that being said, we are therefore delighted to support the upcoming LINK Pride 2021 and hope that our involvement will play a small part in amplifying the diversity, inclusion and belonging across not only Zego, but the wider insurance industry.”