Zego Sponsors UK Fleet Champions Award

Written by Steven Cook

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Zego sponsors UK Fleet Champions Award

Fleet safety is close to our heart. In fact, it’s one of the driving forces behind our partnership with Brake, the UK’s leading road safety charity.

So we couldn’t be more proud to be named as one of this year’s sponsors of the UK Fleet Champions Awards.

Celebrating fleet safety

The awards acknowledge UK and global fleet organisations that work to reduce road deaths and injuries, and reduce pollution caused by their vehicles.

Over the last 10 years, more than 100 organisations have been awarded for their life-saving work, including individuals who have been recognised for their own personal contributions.

We’re sponsoring the UK Fleet Safety Product Award, an accolade that fits naturally with our own values.

Putting fleets first

As any of our fleet managers will know, fleet safety starts with managing risk.

From reducing claims frequencies to training drivers to be safer on the road, performance goes up when the risk factors come down.

That’s why we created the Risk Management Academy — a tailored programme designed to help businesses build a safer, stronger and more efficient fleet.

It’s just one of the ways we give fleets the control they need to perform at their best.

Partnership with Brake

With a shared vision to improve fleet and road safety across the UK, our partnership with Brake makes perfect sense.

Working closely together, we can better help our fleets to manage their risk and improve performance.

We also have access to Brake’s array of tools and resources. These help us to educate our fleet managers on road safety practices, and introduce measures designed to reduce the risk of drivers being involved in a collision.

When is the awards ceremony happening?

The ceremony will be held at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester on 20th October 2022.

The Zego Risk Management Team will be attending, so be sure to say hello if you see them!