Everything you need to know about Zego Sense

What is Zego Sense?

What is Zego Sense?

It’s our app-based insurance for good drivers. Unlike standard private hire policies, Zego Sense is priced on how you drive.

Who is Zego Sense for?

Zego Sense is for private hire drivers who want a fairer price for their insurance. Instead of paying more based on the mistakes of other drivers (like you do with traditional insurance), the price you pay is based on your driving habits.

Why Choose Zego Sense?

You save 10% upfront when you buy a Zego Sense private hire policy. Then, when you drive safely, you can get up to 32% off the price before a Sense discount is applied at renewal.

How Does Zego Sense Work?

First, you need to take out a Zego Sense policy, then download the Sense app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’ve activated the app and enabled your permissions, the Sense app will begin measuring how you drive. Over time, you’ll get a score – the better you drive, the higher your score. And that means lower prices when you renew.

Save 10% upfront when you buy a Zego Sense private hire policy.

How do I activate the Zego Sense app?

Downloading and activating the Zego Sense app is easy.

First, head to your phone’s app store, search ‘Zego Sense’ and hit download (make sure you’ve taken out a Sense policy before you download the app).

Then, watch these videos to learn how to set up the app and switch on your phone’s permissions:

How To Set Up Zego Sense (Apple)

How To Set Up Zego Sense (Android)

What does Sense do with your data?

Braking, cornering and accelerating

The Zego Sense app uses location and motion data from your smartphone’s sensors to measure your driving behaviour. It picks up on things like harsh braking, fast acceleration and sharp cornering, and uses this data to calculate your driver score.

The data we collect will always stay safe and secure, and we'll never sell it or share it with anyone.

Calendar showing days passing and a car drives by

Your score is a reflection of how well you drive, based on your average driving habits over an extended period of time. So, if you need to brake suddenly in an emergency, or just have a bad day behind the wheel, your score won’t be affected over the long run.

Good to know

Since your score reflects how you’ve driven over the last few weeks, you might see changes, even if you haven’t driven for a couple of days. But, you’ll always get the most accurate score based on the way you drive over time.

Also, when you first set up the app, you’ll need to complete 15 trips and drive at least 187 miles before you get a driver score. That’s because we need a certain amount of data before we can start calculating your score.

The app also understands when you’re driving and when you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle (or a bus, or a train). So you don’t have to worry about other people’s behaviour affecting your score.

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Hand holding a phone with the Zego Sense app showing the dashboard

Get up to 32% off when you drive well with our app-based private hire cover. Simply select 'Sense' at the checkout, then download the app.

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When you buy a Sense policy, your upfront payment is 10% cheaper than a standard policy, as of 01/05/23.

32% discount is the maximum that can be achieved by Sense policyholders who have a driver score of 95 and above, as of 05/09/23

Based on Zego customers who have been insured on Sense policies and have had a Driver Score between 1 January 2023 and 16 March 2023.