How much does Taxi insurance cost in Ireland?

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

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How much Taxi insurance costs and how you can get cheaper cover.

There are a lot of important factors to consider when starting taxi work and among these is the cost of insurance. Generally, Taxi insurance can range from anywhere between €1500 to thousands of Euros each year and is calculated on an individual basis depending on your details.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors that affect how much your Taxi insurance costs and explain how you can get a quote from Zego within a few minutes!

What affects the price of my cover?

Your quotation for Taxi insurance is based on the details you provide us with when you sign up. Various factors such as the type of vehicle you drive, how long you’ve held your licence, your driving history and any claims history are all taken into consideration when calculating your policy premium. This process is called underwriting and is why insurance varies in price depending on the individual. This is also the central reason as to why it is unlikely that you would be paying the same amount as a friend or family member.

How much will private hire insurance cost me?

At Zego, we’re always looking for ways to make it quicker and easier to get a quote for your taxi insurance. We believe that searching for the right insurance should not be a time-consuming activity. Feel free to take a look at our products online and get in touch with our friendly team so that we can calculate your quotation!

How can I reduce the cost of my cover?

Reducing the price of your taxi cover is not always easy, however, the equally important task of finding the most suitable policy for you is made easy at Zego. Although a policy may be cheap, this does not necessarily mean it is right for you. For instance, our Third Party Only cover for taxi policies may be the least expensive but, if you are a full-time driver, you may prefer our Fully Comprehensive options for their higher level of cover.

Over time, you can reduce the cost of your cover through the accumulation of No Claims Discount (NCD) if you have stayed at Zego for one year without any cancellations or claims on your policy. Unlike many other companies, at Zego we also offer NCD for 30-day policyholders if there have been consistent renewals for a full year and no gaps in between policies. If you have proof of NCD from your previous company you can declare this when setting up your policy to reduce the quotation. While we can accept private NCD towards taxi policies, if you have NCD for taxi use, this will have a more significant impact on your quotation.

Can I add extra cover with my policy?

Our optional extras of Breakdown Cover and No Claims Discount protection are available if you would like additional cover alongside your main policy.

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