Private Hire insurance for good drivers

Get up to 40% off when you drive well with our app-based cover, Zego Sense

What is Private Hire insurance?

Private Hire insurance is cover for drivers who carry pre-booked passengers in return for payment (it’s also known as Hire & Reward). If you work for a ride-hailing app like Uber or Bolt, you’ll need Private Hire Taxi Insurance. Depending on the level of insurance you choose, it can cover you and your vehicle, plus other people and their property.

Choose between monthly and annual cover

Our Private Hire insurance covers you for work and personal driving. That’s Hire and Reward (H&R) plus Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) cover in one simple policy.

30 Days

30 Days

From £90*

  • Short-term insurance cover.
  • Includes Personal (SD&P) and Hire & Reward (H&R) insurance.
  • Buy with a single payment.

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Annual (12 months)

Annual (12 months)

From £940*

  • Long-term, cost-effective cover.
  • Includes Personal (SD&P) and Hire & Reward (H&R) insurance.
  • Buy with a single payment or in 9 monthly installments.

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Choose between Third Party Only and Fully Comprehensive

Third Party Only

Third Party Only

If you’re involved in an accident, Third Party Only covers other people and their property, but it doesn’t cover you. So you’re protected if someone gets injured and tries to sue you, but you won’t be covered if you get hurt or your car gets damaged.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully Comprehensive

This is the top level of cover. It protects you and your vehicle, plus other people and their property, too. You’ll also be covered for legal fees and compensation payouts if you’re found to be at fault.

What’s included with your Private Hire insurance?

Third Party Only

Fully Comp

Private Hire work, food/parcel delivery, and personal driving

Costs for causing damage to other vehicles or property up to £5m

Your legal liability for causing death or injury to other people

Public Liability cover up to £5m

Loss, damage or theft of your vehicle and it’s spare parts

Windscreen (excess £50)

Audio, communication, and navigation equipment (excess £500)

Upgrade your Private Hire cover with add-ons

breakdown cover vehicle

Breakdown cover

Combined roadside, recovery and home cover within the UK.


with annual


with 30 day


Replacement vehicle

Get a replacement car – licensed for Private Hire work – while yours is being repaired.


with annual


with 30 day

No claims discount protection

NCD protection

Protect your no-claims years for a maximum of one at-fault claim.


of the price of your premium

Choose who you work for

Get up to 40% off when you drive well with our app-based cover, Zego Sense

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Download the app
The Zego Sense app is required for our Sense policies. Once it’s downloaded, we give you 12% off upfront because we trust you're a good driver.

Build your Driver Score
Our app measures how you drive over time and works out your score. The better you drive, the less you pay at renewal.

Drive well and pay up to 40% less
Good drivers save even more when they renew – get up to 40% off overall compared with our standard policies.

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Why do Private Hire drivers choose Zego?

Flexible cover to suit you

Get all-in-one insurance for Private Hire, courier van and food delivery work, plus personal use. Choose between a 7-Day, 30-Day or annual policy.

Here when you need us

Manage your account online or in the Sense app. If you need a hand, our multi-language support team will be happy to help.

Good drivers save more

Choose our app-based Zego Sense policy and get up to 40% off when you drive well. Because safe drivers should pay less.

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What our customers say about us

Fantastic company!
 Affordable, hassle free and a 
great customer support team.

Pedro, Uber driver

Great to know how driving carefully rewards you with lower premiums. This is the way forward!

Muhammed, Ola driver

Frequently asked Private Hire questions

40% discount is based on Annual Sense policyholders achieving a Driver Score of 95 and above, as of 14/11/22.

10% of customers paid these prices or less in the 6 months prior to 9/12/22.

Customers rate our service 4.2 out of 5 - based on survey results between 13/11/21 and 13/5/22

Over 36.5 million policies sold - Based on the total number of policies sold by Zego until 30/05/22