Say hello to Sense

The technology that powers a more intelligent policy

Say hello to Sense

Traditional insurance doesn't make sense.

The problem is everyone pays more when there are more claims, regardless of who they are or how they drive. Good drivers pay for bad drivers.

It's also too expensive, time consuming and doesn't recognise you or reward the way you drive.

It's wrong for you to be held back by something as essential as insurance.

So let's change it, together.

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The solution?

A price for the way you drive

We price insurance more accurately when we know the risk of a driver.

Sense is the technology that shares your driving behaviour with us. This powerful data helps us to make a Sense policy cheaper than a similar policy without Sense.

Sense technology is built into the Zego Sense app. Once you have purchased a Sense policy, all you have to do is install our app, log in once and start driving.

Available Sense policies

Private Hire

Sense policies are up to 15% cheaper than private hire policies without Sense.

Available as 30-day and annual

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Courier Van

All our van policies come with Sense. That's how we offer you competitive pricing.

Available as 30-day and annual

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A phone displaying Zego Sense application.

The Zego Sense app

After buying a Sense policy you will have to download and activate the Zego Sense app.

Once you have activated it there is no need to check-in every time you're out on the road - just set and forget. The Sense app will run in the background as you drive.

The app will not only help us price your policy in a fairer way, but will also save you time going forward.

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Access your insurance documents: easy access to your documents at all times

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Manage a claim: report an incident faster from the Zego Sense app (COMING SOON)

Which data does the app collect?

Once you have given your permission, Zego Sense will only pick up your driving location and your phone's motion data.

With this data we understand how much you drive and how far, which areas you drive in, and your driving style.

Zego Sense will never share your data with third parties.

You can read more about data in our FAQs below.

A phone displaying Zego Sense application.

Got more questions?

Sense: How is my data used?

Making a claim through Zego Sense

Full Sense FAQs

Download the Zego Sense App

Drivers on a Sense policy will have to download and activate the app.

Please note you can't purchase a policy through the app.