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Why us?

Why us?

Flexible cover to suit you

Choose from hourly, monthly or annual delivery insurance. Cover that fits the way you work.

Earn money your way

Choose which provider you work for, and work with as many as you like. Your earning potential is up to you***.

58 million policies sold

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Delivery insurance is our thing. In fact, over the past 7 years we’ve sold over 58 million policies**

What is pay-as-you-go scooter delivery insurance?

What is pay-as-you-go scooter delivery insurance?

If you’re a scooter delivery rider, our pay-as-you-go hire and reward (H&R) delivery insurance can help you save money on the cost of your cover.

This cover is charged by the minute (with a minimum of 1 hour’s cover), and lets you pause your insurance when you’re not working. It’s a more flexible way to get insured, so it’s great for part-time scooter delivery riders or seasonal workers.

Take a look at how our pay-as-you-go delivery insurance works.

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What insurance does a scooter or moped rider need?

To use your scooter or moped for food delivery or courier work, you must have personal (SD&P) insurance and Hire & Reward insurance.

Hire and reward insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that allows you to carry food or parcels in return for payment.

Whether you have existing personal (SD&P) insurance or not, we can get you covered with a Zego Scooter policy.



Prices from £0.50* p/hr

Great for: Riders who work with one of our delivery partners* (please see FAQs). This includes part-time food or parcel delivery workers looking for a more flexible type of cover.

Cover: Standalone H&R only—you must have existing personal (SD&P) insurance.

Product Options: Third Party Only.

Payment: Top up as you go via the app.



Prices from £20*/£200*

Policy length: 30-day or Annual

Great for: Zego customers with an existing pay-as-you-go policy.

Cover: Vehicle insurance for personal, everyday riding such as trips to the shops.

Product Options: Third Party Only.

Payment: Must be purchased with a Zego Flex account - buy over the phone with our Customer Support team on 020 3053 9815.

Combo (SD&P + H&R)

Combo (SD&P + H&R)

Prices from £100*/£995*

Policy length: 30-day or Annual

Great for: Full-time or seasonal food and courier delivery riders, who also use their scooter or motorbike for personal use.

Cover: Vehicle insurance for both commercial and personal use, including hire and reward and social, domestic and pleasure insurance.

Product Options: Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party Only or Fully Comprehensive.

Payment: Buy with a single payment online or monthly instalments.

Policy options

We offer Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Fully Comprehensive.
Choose our Combo scooter insurance and you'll get:

Third Party Only

Third Party Fire & Theft

Fully Comp

Food and parcel delivery, plus personal riding

Costs for causing damage to other vehicles or property up to £5m

Your legal liability for causing death or injury to other people

Theft of your vehicle and spare parts up to a maximum of £5,000

Loss or damage to your vehicle up to a maximum of £5,000

How does Zego Scooter insurance work?

Getting Scooter insurance with Zego is quick and simple.

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Step 1

Choose the policy that’s right for you and fits when you work.

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Step 2

Use the Zego Delivery app to link your account with your work providers.

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Step 3

You’re all set! You’re covered to work as a food delivery or courier rider.

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Get flexible delivery insurance that puts you in control. Work with all the big providers, like Uber Eats, Vromo, Just Eat and more.

Is a Zego Scooter insurance policy for me?

  • You have a full UK/EU driving license or Compulsory Basic Training (CBT licence) for up to 125cc

  • You’ve had no more than 2 claims in the last 3 years (regardless of fault)

  • You are aged 21 - 65

  • You are the vehicle owner or registered keeper

  • You live and work in England, Scotland, or Wales

  • Your vehicle’s engine size is 500cc or less (or 125cc or less for pay-as-you-go cover)

  • You work for one (or more) of our partnered work providers

What's the difference between moped and scooter insurance?



The main difference between moped and scooter insurance is the cost. Because mopeds have a smaller engine size and slower top speed than scooters, they’re usually considered less risky. The lower the risk, the lower the insurance cost.

Mopeds have an engine size of up to 50cc, and can reach top speeds of around 28mph.

Scooters tend to be more powerful, with the largest engine sizes ranging all the way up to 750cc. So they can go much faster.

Policy Type

Policy Type

Another thing that can affect the cost is the type of insurance policy you choose.

Third party, fire and theft policies tend to be cheaper as the cover is quite limited — if you’re involved in a collision, only third party drivers are covered for accidental damage or personal injury. Whereas a fully comprehensive policy will cover you and other drivers, and can even include things like breakdown cover.

So before you choose moped or scooter insurance, it’s best to check what’s included in your cover.

What our customers say

In my opinion, Zego is one of the best, easy and most suitable insurers on the market. If you're looking for insurance for your scooter, car or any other vehicle Zego is the right choice.

Sanjay Gurung, Delivery Driver

It's day one and I’m impressed. Spoke with Zego twice today to insure my scooter. Lovely customer service, the staff are friendly and happy to help. I also got the best price I've ever had. Saving £400 this year on insurance. Hope to do business with Zego for a long time!

Gerculy Robert, Scooter Delivery Driver

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*10% of customers paid this or less in the 6 months prior to 24/10/23.
**Based on the total number of policies sold by Zego until 24/10/23.
***For Annual Scooter policies you must work with an integrated partner, which include: Deliveroo, Ryde, GoGetters, Vromo, Stuart, Just Eat and Uber Eats.