Van insurance

Flexible van cover for couriers, tradespeople and businesses.

What is van insurance?

Van insurance is a type of policy that covers your van while it's being used for work or personal driving. It keeps you protected if you're involved in an accident, or your van is damaged or stolen.

As vans are different from regular cars, and typically used for different reasons, the insurance requirements tend to be different, too.

Many businesses here in the UK use vans (or light commercial vehicles) to carry and deliver goods. So whether you’re just starting out as a self-employed courier, or an experienced tradesperson looking to renew, you’ll need the right type of van insurance policy to keep you covered.

Van insurance types

When it comes to insuring your van, it's important to have the right type of cover, especially if you’re using it for work or business reasons. Here are the main types of van insurance cover we offer:

Zego insured tradesman sitting in his business van

Business van insurance

Business van insurance (also known as commercial van insurance, or carriage of own goods), is cover for vehicles used for business purposes. Whether you're a tradesperson, contractor, or own a business that relies on vans, commercial van insurance will keep you protected when you’re out on the road. It typically covers you for commuting, carrying goods, and transporting tools and equipment from one place to another.

Business van insurance
Zego insured female courier delivering parcels from her delivery van

Courier van insurance

Courier van insurance is cover for drivers who use a van to deliver third party goods. You might hear it referred to as carriage of goods for hire and reward, or simply van delivery insurance. Whether you deliver packages, parcels or furniture, it keeps you protected while you’re working. Some courier insurance policies also offer added features like goods in transit cover, which protects the items you’re transporting.

Courier van insurance
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You're in safe hands

Commercial insurance is our thing. In fact, over the past 7 years we’ve sold over 58 million policies*.

What does van insurance cover?

When choosing a commercial van insurance policy, you'll need to decide what level of cover is right for you. Here are the two main types we offer:

Zego Third Party Icon

Third Party Only

This is the minimum legal requirement, and is only available with our courier van insurance. It covers you for damage to third-party property or injuries caused to others. However, it doesn't cover you or your van.

Zego Fully Comprehensive Icon

Fully Comprehensive

This is the highest level of protection. With our comprehensive cover, you get all the protection of a third party policy, plus cover against theft or damage to your vehicle. You can also choose add-ons to boost your cover.

What’s included with our business van insurance?

  • Accidental damage: This will cover you for repairs or the replacement of your van if it's damaged in an accident.

  • Theft and vandalism: If your van is damaged or targeted by thieves, you’ll be covered for any recovery costs or repairs.

  • Third party liability: If you're a courier and you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while working, this covers any legal fees or compensation payouts you might have to pay.

  • Fire and natural disasters: This is protection against damage or loss caused by fire, floods, storms or other natural disasters.

  • Personal belongings: If your tools, equipment or personal belongings are lost or damaged, this will cover the costs (limits may apply).

  • Windscreen and glass: Most comprehensive van insurance policies cover the repair or replacement of damaged windscreens and windows (again, limits may apply).

What extras can you get with van insurance?

You may be able to upgrade your van insurance policy with optional extras like breakdown cover and replacement vehicle cover.

Zego Breakdown and Recovery Icon

Breakdown Cover

Get help if your van breaks down, including roadside recovery and repairs to get you back on the road.

Zego Replacement Car Icon

Replacement vehicle cover

Get a replacement van while yours is being repaired or replaced, allowing you to keep working.

What details do I need to get a van insurance quote?

  • Personal information: Your name, address and contact details, plus the details of any other drivers who will be using the van for work.

  • Vehicle details: We'll need the make, model, registration number and approximate value of your van.

  • Driving history: Details about your driving experience, including any convictions or claims you’ve made in the past.

  • No Claims Bonus: If you have one, give us the details of any no claims bonus you've earned on previous policies. It could help to lower the cost of your cover.

  • Business use: Tell us how the van will be used, whether that's for making deliveries, transporting your own tools and equipment, or commuting to work.

  • Extra security features: We may also need to know about any extra technology or security features installed in your van, such as immobilisers, alarms or trackers.

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*Policies sold - based on the total number of policies sold by Zego until 24/10/23.