Hi. We’re Zego.

Building a world where insurance no longer limits our choices.

Insurance hasn’t changed in more than a century.

But the ways that we live, work and travel have. Traditional, annual insurance policies can’t keep up with our ambitions. From flexible working to vehicle-sharing, one policy no longer fits all. So we’ve been building the solution: simple, flexible policies, designed to meet 21st-century needs

We give customers top-of-the-range, custom products to explore the full potential of their entrepreneurial spirit. For everyone from carpenters to corporations, Zego delivers more than just insurance: we provide peace of mind and flexibility for changing circumstances.

The story of Zego

The gig economy had a problem.

As directors at Deliveroo, Sten Saar and Harry Franks struggled to onboard new delivery riders, who had to provide proof of an expensive annual insurance policy before their first interview. The solution was obvious: pay-as-you-go cover with low upfront fees. Within three and a half months, they found an insurer to back the idea, technical co-founder Stuart Kelly built a mobile app, and Zego had its first sale - a policy worth £2.30.

It wasn’t long before the Zegons realised there was much greater potential for their invention.

Since 2016, the team has embraced the challenge of removing barriers to live, work and travel however you please. Zego now provides simple, flexible policies via app, web and phone, covering all kinds of enterprise at any size. The company continues to launch new products and expand into new countries, and the team won’t stop short of global success.

We’re going to be the largest and best-loved provider of insurance solutions for new enterprise.

The world is rapidly becoming urbanised. Because of this, we’re moving from vehicle ownership to shared usage. The traditional, rigid model of insurance that existed for hundreds of years is no longer fit for purpose. At Zego, we’re extremely proud to be at the forefront of change.

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Zego is backed by an elite team of investors who share our drive for innovation in financial services and new mobility. As well as the institutional investors above, we’re supported by smart individuals who are building Transferwise (Taavet Hinrikus), Booking.com, Skype, Zurich and more.

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