How do we calculate your driver score?

Written by Zego

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The driver score is the most important feature of the Zego Sense app. It allows you to understand how well you’ve been driving, so that you can make improvements in order to receive a reduced premium at renewal. The better you drive, the more you save - it’s as simple as that. But how exactly is your driver score calculated?

Sense uses your phone’s inbuilt sensors

The Zego Sense app uses location and motion data from your phone’s inbuilt sensors to monitor your driving behaviours whenever you drive.  It picks up on the frequency of factors like harsh braking, aggressive acceleration and sharp cornering, and compiles this data to create your driver score on a rolling basis.

Your score is an average over time

Your score is a reflection of how well you drive over an extended period of time, so it won’t be skewed by one moment or even one day. The app also understands when you’re driving vs when you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about other people’s behaviour affecting your score.

Your score may change even if you don’t drive for a few days

Note that since your score always reflects an average of your driving in the most recent weeks, you might see changes even if you haven’t driven for a couple of days as the window of relevant data progresses. However, for your score to be valid, you must have completed 15 trips and driven at least 380 miles.