How to improve your driver score: Cornering

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The Zego Sense app monitors a variety of driving behaviours to create your driver score. One of these factors is cornering.

Sense detects when you take corners faster than necessary, which could cause you to lose control of your vehicle especially on poor road surfaces, making accidents more likely.

But don’t worry, we have helpful tips to show you how you can improve your driving! You can also check out this video "5 Tips to Improve Your Cornering" by Reg Local.

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Tips for safe cornering

Approaching a bend

Ease off the accelerator or gently brake to reduce your speed on approach to the bend. Take the bend slowly, and only speed up again when you have rounded the corner.

Unexpected hazards

When going around a bend, always anticipate unexpected hazards just around the corner. Make sure you approach the bend slowly enough that, should a hazard appear, you can stop or swerve in time to avoid an accident. You will be able to stop in the distance you see to be clear.

Bad weather

Be extra careful going around a bend in bad weather, especially if it’s wet or icy. Drive slowly and avoid braking or accelerating too harshly, which can otherwise cause your car to skid.


Try not to overtake on a bend as you won’t be able to see ahead of you to identify hazards quickly enough, which could cause you to brake or accelerate harshly.

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