How to manage your Zego policy payment agreement

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

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We explain how you can manage the credit agreement of your Zego policy online.

In a world where you can access almost anything at the tap of a few buttons on your phone, we believe that your Zego policy should be equally as accessible. We aim to simplify the way you can manage your policy so that you can take full advantage of our flexible insurance options. In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of using Premium Credit Limited monthly finance when paying for your Zego policy and we’ll explain how you can easily manage your payment agreement online.

What is Premium Credit Limited?

Premium Credit Limited (PCL) is a credit company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which Zego is affiliated with and provides flexible payment options for our customers. Since being established in 1988, PCL has helped millions of individuals pay for their insurance by dividing the premium over monthly instalments rather than paying the entirety upfront. At Zego, we understand that committing to a long term insurance option is not always easy financially so with PCL’s convenient payment agreements we can offer you more flexibility.

How can PCL help me?

We have a variety of insurance options at Zego for the short and long term. If you are interested in purchasing an annual policy but would rather pay for this in monthly instalments, you may be able to set up a credit agreement with PCL. When you purchase a policy with us, Zego may be able to arrange finance for insurance instalments through Premium Credit. We will give you further information about this before we finalise your instalment arrangements.

How can I manage my PCL agreement?

If you have an active credit agreement with PCL, you can easily manage this online through their customer portal by visiting and logging in as an existing customer to ‘My Premium Credit’.

There you can:

  • Sign and view your credit agreement
  • Update your details
  • Pay any outstanding defaults
  • Manage your profile

How can I get a quote?

At Zego we can get you an estimated quote in just a few minutes. If the convenience of PCL’s payment agreement sounds suitable for you when paying your annual policy feel free to enter your details below or get in touch with our friendly team today!

Still not sure? Prima virtual assistant will be happy to help.

Prima is your virtual assistance from Premium Credit to get personalised answers to your questions.

It's available 24/7 and can answer your questions with details specific to your credit agreement, including how much your payments are and when your payments are due.

If you don't have your reference number, Prima can locate your agreement details with some other information and provide you with personalised answers.

Simply click here and tap the Prima icon to get started.