Introducing Risk Management from Zego

Written by Kateryna Kononenko

Published on

Imagine having your entire fleet and its performance at the palm of your hand. You did?

Now, imagine that insurance with us can become one of your most valuable investments. No more second guessing and uncertainty about impact on fleet performance.

We have a vision that Zego can be the insurer fleet managers trust, enabling them to better manage their fleets, save money, and take control over their insurance policy. 

And we know that the key to that vision becoming a reality starts at sharing easy-to-understand, actionable insights about your fleet.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is technology that sits within the Zego Fleet Portal and gives a snapshot of how a fleet is performing.

Fleet managers can now see behavioural data, which helps understand the performance of drivers, vehicles and overall fleet. Safer drivers make up healthier fleets. Healthier fleets get greater rewards, unlocking lower premiums and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Let's get under the hood.

Risk score dial

Risk Score Dial

Our new dashboard includes a snapshot of your fleet’s risk profile.

The risk dial shows an overall fleet score over the last 7 days, taking into account a number of driver behaviours, for a quick view of how your fleet is performing.

Vehicle score leaderboard

Fleet Risk overview

Want to dig in deeper? The vehicle card now shows which vehicles are performing best, and which may need the most attention over the last 7 days.

Consider using these scores as an opportunity to reward top drivers, and help lower scorers to improve with comprehensive performance insights.

Our goal is to provide customers with an accurate and complete picture of fleet performance. To help us do that, we ask customers to ensure they have Zego telematics installed and connected across their fleet (minimum 80%).

All so you can unlock powerful insights into your fleet and get on a journey to optimising your business.

Risk Management from Zego is a step change for how fleets can control their performance. We can’t wait to see how fleets interact with this data, optimise behaviours and drive down the total cost of fleet management.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our pilot customers thought:

"Reducing cost is very important in every business and Zego understands our needs. Driver behaviour monitoring allows us to keep in touch with drivers and communicate the importance of driving safely. Accidents will always happen, but if we can reduce the risk, it is a win win".

We’re just at the start of the Risk Management journey, and we’re building even more tools to give fleet managers control over their fleet. Keep an eye out for future fleet portal releases, including harsh event mapping as well as individual vehicle risk and behavioural data, for the complete view on how your fleet performs.

Find out more about how Risk Management can help you take control of your fleet performance, click here.