Meet Eklas: Uber & Uber Eats Driver

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

Published on

At Zego we understand that part of the reason we are able to provide policies so well suited to Uber driver-partners and delivery drivers is our close connection to our customers. Recently we took some time to speak with Eklas. He chose to join the Zego community after starting work with Uber last year and eventually also branched out to delivery work with Uber Eats.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Eklas, how did you first become a driver?

After trying other jobs I felt that this was the only choice for me at the time, especially given that I joined around the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Did you consider other jobs before starting?

Not really. I have worked other jobs in the past but I felt that this type of work was the most suitable for me currently.

What type of work did you want?

Initially, I wanted to work as an Uber driver-partner, I began this but the pandemic made it difficult to do. Given the increased demand for delivery, I started to work as both an Uber and Uber Eats driver. I preferred private hire work but the minimum payment per shift for Uber Eats was more than with Uber, which was a nice benefit for the delivery work.

How did you find out about Zego?

I found out about Zego through self-research online when comparing quotations and finding the most reliable insurance provider.

What do you like the most about being an Uber driver?

In my opinion, the freedom and flexibility of working hours is the most valuable aspect of driving with Uber. Furthermore, the safety of having no cash within the vehicle and the security of payments through the Uber app is a key benefit.

Was Zego the first insurance you used?

Yes, and I have been with Zego for over a year now. I chose it because of the competitive pricing - compared to other companies Zego was the least expensive option. I was also very happy with the options Zego provided for drivers during the pandemic such as the Social, Domestic & Pleasure downgrade.

How did you find the process of using Zego alongside your work?

Generally, it has been quite trouble-free. I used to purchase 30-day policies and had to upload my policy documents to my work providers manually which I found to be cumbersome. Since upgrading to an annual policy this has not been an issue and the whole process was effortless now that my Uber account is integrated with my Zego account.

How did you find the sign-up process with Zego and your experience with customer service?

The sign-up process was very easy and the customer service has been good, I have no complaints. I feel I received the support that was needed.

Has Zego met your expectations?

Yes, I would love it if my policy premium could be even lower but Zego is still the best in terms of its pricing.

Why did you choose Zego?

My previous company was very good but they did not offer cover for private hire, instead, they just covered me for Social, Domestic & Pleasure. When looking for private hire insurance I found Zego’s low quotations and chose to sign-up.

Would you recommend Zego?

Yes absolutely! As drivers, we always try to save some money and since Zego offers this I recommend it to others.