Meet Faisal: Uber Driver

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

Published on

At Zego we understand. Part of the reason we are able to provide policies so well suited to Uber driver-partners and delivery drivers is our close connection to our customers. Recently we took some time to speak with Faisal, she chose to begin working for Uber alongside some of her friends and family and soon joined the Zego community for the low quotations.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Faisal, how did you first become a driver?

I was made redundant in 2016 after working in a factory. My brother and a lot of my friends were Uber drivers and I really liked the idea of working for myself. With my redundancy payout, I decided to buy a car, purchase insurance and apply for a taxi license. Three years later and I am now a successful Uber Exec driver!

Did you consider other jobs before starting?

No, I didn't consider any other jobs at the time, it was a good opportunity for me to try it out and considering that this type of work fits around my family life so well it seemed like a suitable option.

What type of work did you want?

Initially, I wanted to do private hire work. I also considered food delivery but I found that you had to put more in to get more back - the income is less in general. Working for private hire companies means I don’t have to work as frequently.

How did you find out about Zego?

I hadn’t heard of Zego before but I did a bit of research on the internet and came across Zego. I searched ‘Cheap Insurance for Uber’ and it came up as an option. I have stayed with Zego because of the competitive pricing, they are always there if you need them and the fact that there's an App as well. Everything’s there and it’s easy.

Has Uber driving been what you expected?

When I started working with Uber I was quite nervous during the first few rides. I decided to do some local ones, to begin with. As I became more confident, I began building rapport with customers and went further out for the airport and other high demand jobs. I still find that there are challenges such as difficult customers but I don’t let them intimidate me.

When the pandemic hit this was a significant challenge for me but I was comforted by how Uber handled this with support such as their supply of hygiene kits. Overall working for Uber is what I expected and I feel that what I heard about the job before joining is generally how it is.

What do you like the most about being an Uber driver?

In my opinion, the best part of the job is the flexible working hours. Working for myself provides a lot of freedom and allows me to fit my work around my family life effectively.

How did you find the process of using Zego alongside your work?

This has been very easy and I have had no problems.

How did you find the sign-up process with Zego and your experience with customer service?

The signup process was very straightforward. The reason I chose Zego is that it's easy to use. I entered my details and got an estimated quote which then prompted me to get in contact. Since the quotation was the best I chose to go ahead with Zego.

My experience with customer service has been excellent. During the pandemic, I didn’t work for around 3 months and Zego was able to refund me some money for this time. I wasn’t expecting this and I found this to be very helpful. Also, a while back I had an accident and contacted Zego. The team supported me through the process and even called me back the next day to check whether I needed any other assistance. They are very responsive to both emails and calls.

Why did you choose Zego and is it what you expected?

I chose Zego because of the low quotations for private hire cover. I have the family car insured with a different company and I was hoping Zego would be of the same standard. They have proven to be very good and I would rate both companies the same for their respective types of cover. Good customer service and good prices.

Would you recommend Zego?

Yes, and in fact, I have already recommended it to my brother. He is currently a Just Eat driver and he really likes Zego as well. For any of my family members or friends who decide to join Uber and are looking for cover, I would definitely recommend Zego.