Meet Mustafa: Uber Driver

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

Published on

At Zego we understand. Part of the reason we are able to provide policies so well suited to Uber driver-partners and delivery drivers is our close connection to our customers. Recently we took some time to speak with Mustafa, after years working a 9-5 job he decided he was attracted to the flexibility that Uber work offered and wanted to be his own boss. He soon chose to join Zego after comparing quotations online.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Mustafa, how was the process of getting started with Uber?

Getting started was relatively easy. I was looking for a bit of flexibility to get away from my 9-5 routine job. I’d had enough of working for someone else and wanted to be my own boss. The 9-5 working hours were also quite difficult for me with my family life so I had to find an opportunity that let me work my own hours so that I could be at home when I needed to be.

Did you consider other jobs before starting?

I also considered courier work but the insurance was quite heavy. Zego allowed me to do private hire at a reasonable price and also provided a lot of flexibility. I have also been able to do delivery which has been incredibly useful especially because of the pandemic. This is not my preference but it’s good to have the option when private hire work is quiet.

Did you face any difficulties in the process of becoming a driver?

I come from an academic background so completing the tests to become an Uber driver wasn't much of a challenge. Once I began the job itself, I did face some difficulties which you get better at with experience and time. For instance, when to work, where to work and hotspots of fares.

How did you find Zego?

I did my research and compared quotations online. Some of the quotes I was getting from other companies almost discouraged me from doing the job. I started with the Zego pay-as-you-go policy, which was suitable when I was doing fewer hours, but once I started working quite a lot I realised it would be more cost-effective to upgrade to a 30-day policy. This was the right policy for me and was an easy decision since I received a cheap quotation.

How did you find the process of using Zego alongside your work?

I thought that it was very easy and hassle-free. I found Uber to be quite reliable, sometimes when you call them it takes a while because everyone is trying to call them. Some companies don't accept Zego or they only allow this for short journeys, not long journeys which can be frustrating. I disagree with these companies denying Zego cover, I’m a good driver with good ratings and I’m trustworthy so they should allow me to work. Most of them do accept the cover so for this reason Zego is very easy to use alongside my private hire work.

How was the sign-up process with Zego?

This was straightforward and I really liked the referral program.

How has your experience been with the Zego customer service team?

I find the agents very friendly and approachable and I have never had any hassle. On the occasions when I have called I’ve received the support I needed from the people I spoke to. Zego's always been good to me so I'll continue using their insurance and their offers because they're probably the cheapest option. The cover is especially suitable for new drivers getting into the industry because the policy has to be affordable in order to work. There is no point in working if you can't afford the insurance and costs associated with maintenance of the car - you might as well stay at home.

How would you compare Zego to other insurance providers?

Compared to other companies Zego is very straightforward. As long as you have your documents and information it’s hassle-free. Some companies only accept cash but with Zego payment is all through online bank systems so it’s easy.

I really like the flexibility in terms of changing and adjusting the level of cover that you need. Some companies charge administration fees for any changes to your policy details whereas Zego does not so I’m happy with this.

Would you recommend Zego to other Uber drivers?

Absolutely because they're affordable. If I was to go elsewhere I would receive quotations of around £3000-£4000 for the full year and deposits are high but Zego is a lot lower. I've recommended the company to quite a few drivers and everyone wants to be with Zego now because it's cheap. Hopefully, the industry will start booming again now that everything’s opening up again!