Meet Rashedul: Uber driver

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

Published on

At Zego, we understand that part of the reason we are able to provide policies so well suited to Uber driver-partners and delivery drivers is our close connection to our customers.

Recently we took some time to speak with Rashedul. After years of working with a local private hire company, he became unhappy with his treatment and decided to explore other opportunities. He turned to Uber because of its ease of use and fairness when it comes to working and soon after this, he signed up to Zego. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Rashedul, how was the process of getting started with Uber?

I was a delivery driver for 10 years and then became a private hire driver with a local company. I soon chose to join Uber so I now work for both them and Deliveroo. The signup process was quite easy but initially, I faced some difficulties uploading documents, which Uber helped me with.

How did you find Zego?

I found Zego through self-research when comparing quotations online. Out of all of the options, Zego provided the best price so I chose them.

Was Zego the first insurance you used?

No, I have been with two other insurance companies in the past but joined Zego around 3 years ago now. I really like that Zego’s policy covers food delivery as well as private hire.

For me, it has the best policy options compared to other competitors. Saying this, it is difficult to compare Zego to other companies because it is significantly different. The customer service and products that are offered are unique to the company.

How was the sign-up process?

I found it very easy, I loved it.

Has Zego met your expectations?

Zego has absolutely met my expectations. No ability to add a named driver or the insurance is on the vehicle, not him, so he isn't insured to drive any other car.

Would you recommend Zego to other Uber drivers?

Yes, in fact, I have recommended Zego to my own brother. The company has good service, I am able to review the policy documents through the Zego App easily and I find that having my Uber account integrated is a great benefit.