Meet the new Zego Sense: A better annual score

Written by Zego

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Zego Sense just got smarter.

We’ve made changes to the way we calculate your driving score, so you get a fairer, more accurate price for your annual policy.

It’s all part of our mission to save you money on your insurance.

Here’s what you need to know.

What have we done and why?

We've updated the way your driving score works. Now, your score accounts for the length of your policy. So if you have an annual Sense policy, your score is calculated over 365 days, rather than just 30 days like before.

This means you get a more accurate score that better represents how you drive. It’s an important change and we're really excited to release it to all our customers!

What wasn't working before?

We spoke to lots of our customers and asked what they didn’t like about Zego Sense. We heard that the 30-day period used to calculate each driving score was too short, especially for annual policyholders. It didn't take into account different working patterns, so some drivers weren’t getting the right score for them. It wasn’t accurate enough.

We looked into this, and found that drivers were better off when their score was worked out over a longer period of time. That’s because it gives a more stable average for each driver. And it means that a few bad days on the road won’t affect months of good driving.

We also learned that you want to be rewarded when you drive well. And you want to see those rewards on a more regular basis.

So that’s exactly what we did. We’ve updated the way we calculate your score, so you can see a more accurate representation of how you drive. And that means we can easily see when you make improvements, and reward you when you do.

What are the benefits of these changes?

Simply put: More rewards for you!

Because your score is more stable, and fluctuates less than it did before, you get better discounts when you drive well.

We’ve also reduced the time it takes for you to see the benefits, even if you have an annual policy. Now, you’re able to see how your driving is improving throughout the year, which means you can make changes early and often if you need to.

When will these changes go live in the app?

Our new behavioural pricing starts on November 14th. You won’t notice any big changes in the app — all the clever stuff is happening in the background.

Over time, what you will notice is a more accurate and personalised driving score, especially if you have an annual Sense policy. And that means better savings when you renew — in fact you can save up to 25% at renewal* compared to a standard policy.

So head to the Zego Sense app now and check out your score! Start improving how you drive and you could be on track for big savings when you renew your taxi insurance.

*Savings comparing a good Sense driver vs a driver without a Sense policy based on pricing as of 20/06/22.