Neurodiversity: a foreword by our Head of Research, Experience and Design, Benny Zuffolini

Written by Benny Zuffolini

Published on

In the professional world, we're still quite far off from what I would consider the necessary awareness of what neurodiversity really is and what it means, both for people and productivity.

Day-to-day life is filled with struggles that are a breeze for some and momentous challenges for others. I still feel that alternative thinking often gets squashed in favour of outdated expectations and conformity. With an estimate of only 16% of autistic people in full-time employment, it’s clear to me that the world hasn’t yet adapted to neurodiversity.

But thankfully, things are changing. More and more companies are embracing neurodiversity and recognising the advantages it brings. More people are discovering and opening up about their own place in the spectrum.

Each and every one of us is unique, and the only real way forward for companies is to welcome individuals with open-mindedness and genuine curiosity. This way we can thrive off each other’s talents and push for progress.