New Features in the Zego Fleet Portal

Written by Lola Oladapo

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New features in the Zego Fleet Portal

Accidents happen.

Risky roads, dangerous junctions, bad driving habits — they all add up to more incidents on our roads and highways.

Until recently, information on these risk factors has been limited, with no tools or data to explain why, how or when.

Picture this…

It’s a cold winter’s day, the roads are icy, traffic is heavy. You get a call from one of your drivers to tell you they’ve been involved in an accident. You rush to the scene and begin to ask yourself questions: How did this happen? What driving behaviours led to the accident? How could I have prevented this?

Driving habits like harsh cornering might seem harmless at first. But in the wrong conditions, they have the potential to cause severe, or even fatal accidents. Not to mention expensive insurance claims.

For any fleet manager, this is never good news.

But what if there was a tool that gave you useful insights on how an accident could occur? What if you were able to identify risky driving behaviours? What if you knew about dangerous roads where accidents are more likely to happen? What if there was accurate data on every trip your drivers make?

New features in the Zego Fleet Portal

We’ve added new tools to help fleet managers reduce their risk and improve performance.

By reducing the chances of an accident, fleets can reduce the number of insurance claims.

It’s all about giving fleets the control they need to perform at their best.

As a fleet manager, you’ll now be able to see details of every trip, including harsh or risky driving behaviours and events. The fleet portal gives you the power to prevent, rather than just react.

But even better than that, you’ll also get useful insights and tips to help you train drivers with a history of risky driving behaviours. These insights can help your risk-management conversations to be data-driven and productive, with real-life examples as a reference.

With these tips, you can also guide your drivers towards safer driving habits, helping to reduce the number of accidents and claims.

And the best part? By improving your performance and reducing your risk, you’ll help to lower the cost of your fleet insurance.

Safer driving means safer roads for all of us. And that should be rewarded.

Features designed to give you control

With the Zego Fleet Portal, you have tools and insights to help improve performance across the board:

Access trip details for every vehicle in your fleet

Get full visibility by monitoring individual vehicles within your fleet. Spot discrepancies and see where changes are being made to your drivers’ routes.

Identify harsh events

See where risky driving events happened — things like fast cornering and heavy braking. Track them on a map of each driver’s route, and even see when each one occurred. This allows you to identify poor driving patterns so you can guide your drivers towards better habits.

Get to know risky roads and junctions

Identify risky areas where most accidents tend to occur. Use this feature to warn your drivers and put measures in place to help navigate dangerous areas safely.

Learn from our expert tips and insights

Understand how your drivers can improve bad driving behaviours and reduce their chances of being involved in a collision. Use our handy tips to help steer conversations and training sessions with the drivers who need it.

Using these features and tools, you can help to practise better risk-management and reduce the number of accidents throughout your fleet.

Fewer accidents means fewer claims. And that means a better insurance cost.

Like we said, safer driving means safer roads for all of us. And that should be rewarded.

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