Office Hybrid in LONDON: An interview with Conor McFarlane, Senior Global Operations Manager B2B

Written by Conor McFarlane

Published on

I'm Conor, Senior Global Operations Manager on the B2B side of the business and have been at Zego for nearly four years!

As part of the Global Operations team, we manage a number of BAU processes including CS, billing, third-party partner management and debt collection as well as a number of cross-team growth projects to ensure the sustainable development of Zego.

In this edition of Office Hybrid, I'll talk to you about the benefits of coming into the office a few times a week, and why connection and belonging are important to me. Especially at work!

What do you enjoy the most about Zego Hybrid?
The opportunity to work how and where suits me best, in order to set myself up for success in my role.

How often do you visit the London office?
I work from the office 2-3 times per week, usually Tuesday - Thursday.

What’s the added value you get from visiting the office on a regular basis?
It’s an opportunity for a change of scenery and for a level of social interaction /human connection, that you can’t achieve virtually. Having lunch buddies and coffee dates is a bonus (bringing leftovers definitely welcome!).

I also believe you can have more impactful conversations and problem solve faster, and more creatively, in the office which is important for Zego's current life stage.

How do you keep a balance between remote work and visiting the office to maintain a strong sense of connection and belonging in a hybrid environment?
Having a connection with your team and colleagues needs to be an active decision, that requires constant engagement and energy.

I want to be engaged with my team and other Zegons, so I proactively create those opportunities virtually and in person. I am aware not everyone can be in the office as frequently as me but it's just as important that they feel connected!

Hybrid working gives you the freedom to choose where you work, but it requires you to find the cadence that works for you, as it is easy to work at home every day. Personally, I find it's good for my health to utilise both my home and our office space, as the latter enables me to have those invaluable in person experiences with other Zegons.

So, whether it is one day a week or all five I would recommend testing things out and finding the right balance for you.

Why is connection & belonging important to you?
In interviews, when we're asked "what is the best part about Zego?", myself and the other interviewers always say 'the people'. And I'd hazard a guess other Zegons would all say the same as well!

Being connected and feeling a sense of belonging to this great group of people is a no-brainer for me. Zego provides the opportunity to do that on my terms while providing tools and events to facilitate that connection, which improves my personal wellbeing and work output.

What’s the coolest non-work-related moment you have had with a colleague at the office?
Too many to name over four years! It’s always fun when there are televised events that we can watch in the office e.g. the recent Women's World Cup games. Lunches on the roof are great in the Summer too!

But overall my highlights stem from just being in the same space as people, working, chatting and feeding off that connection.