Office Hybrid in PARIS: An interview with Delphine Umuhire, EU Compliance Manager

Written by Delphine Umuhire

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I’m Delphine and I joined Zego in July 2022, taking up the role of EU Compliance Manager. I’m based in the French capital, and visit the Paris office at least once a week to collaborate and connect with my colleagues.

In this edition of our Office Hybrid series, I’ll tell you a bit about my role at Zego, and what I enjoy most about our hybrid working environment.

Delphine Umuhire, EU Compliance Manager

Tell us about what you do here at Zego

My role is a hybrid one: I provide regulatory advice and guidance for the EU teams to help them drive the business forward compliantly, and I oversee reporting with the regulator and the carriers we work with.

This requires me to build strong connections with various team members and stakeholders, as well as being available to help whenever it’s needed.

What do you enjoy most about Zego Hybrid?

Zego Hybrid allows me to work in a more flexible and smart way.

In my particular role, as the people I work with are in France and the Netherlands, it gives me space to connect meaningfully. Zego Hybrid also allows for a better work-life balance, where I can adjust my schedule according to any family needs.

Zego Office at WeWork in Paris

How often do you visit the Paris office?

I visit the office at least once a week - sometimes more depending on my priorities or schedule.

What’s the added value you get from visiting the office on a regular basis?

When I’m in the office, it’s always a good time to reconnect with people and check on how they’re doing. For me particularly, I get to catch up on things that are in the pipeline, especially as projects move so fast within Zego.

How do you keep a balance between remote work and visiting the office to maintain a strong sense of connection and belonging in a hybrid environment?

As I’m based in Paris, and work closely with the Zego’s B2B teams [in France and the Netherlands], the Paris team was kind enough to include me in their morning coffee Zoom meetings three times a week. These calls allow me to see and catch up with everyone in one place.

I then have 1-2-1 catch ups with different people depending on what’s happening at Zego at the time.

Occasionally, I try and travel to the office to meet up with people who weren't in the last time I was there.

Zego Office at WeWork in Paris

Why is connection and belonging important to you?

Connecting with people is important because it helps me to keep up with the latest trends and news.

Also, sometimes people may genuinely forget to reach out on something – usually due to the speed at which we work – so having each other around helps break down those barriers and makes things easier.

I believe belonging is necessary to create that special sense of community. Creating meaningful links with colleagues allows us to improve the working environment – working hard and playing just as hard with very nice people!

What’s the coolest non-work-related moment you have had with a colleague at the office?

The 2022 Christmas party was really fun. We had a blind test game, followed by delicious food and drinks. Everyone played along to create a really fun and cheerful moment.

Zego France Christmas Party