Our guide to micromobility

Written by Benedict Harrison

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What micromobility is, why its popularity is on the rise and how it has been received in the United Kingdom.

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Throughout history, insurance has existed to support innovation, providing a safenet against the risk of human endeavour. As an insurtech built using 21st century technologies, it is our role to continue to support new and innovative solutions with insurance products that can meet the needs of the modern world.

As the face of mobility continues to change in cities across the world, we will be there to support this. In this post, we’ll explore what micromobility is, why its popularity is on the rise and how Zego’s products are supporting the trial and integration of new mobility solutions in cities across Europe.

What is micromobility?

Microbolity is an umbrella term which refers to short distance transport, usually less than 5 miles. It tends to encompass a range of small, lightweight vehicles which are usually shared rather than owned. Examples of micromobility solutions include shared bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. Typically, micromobility solutions do not exceed 15mph and operate in urban centres.

Why is the popularity of micromobility increasing?

As populations increase in cities around the world, the volume of people places increased strain on public transport systems and can lead to increased congestion on the road as more people use cars. As a consequence, this can have a detrimental impact upon the environment as well as making it more difficult for people to travel around in cities and urban centres.

Micromobility solutions, such as shared e-scooters and e-bikes, offer a greener alternative and can often be more efficient than traditional mobility solutions. For many living in cities and urban centres, owning a car can prove to be extortionate. Conversely, being able to rent micromobility solutions can provide city-dwellers with a more affordable means of transportation.

How have micromobility solutions been received in the UK?

Until recently, the UK had struggled to adapt its historic road laws to the changing needs of a new generation. However, recently, e-scooter companies have begun a UK wide trial in conjunction with the Department for Transport as part of a landmark moment for micromobility solutions in the UK.

At Zego, we are proud to be supporting e-scooter companies, helping them to make the most of this limited time trial, by offering them a solution that meets their needs from an insurance and safety point of view.

The manner in the UK is beginning to look more favourably on micromobility solutions is largely reflective of the wider trend of their adoption on a global level. New and innovative solutions to mobility have appeared across the world, including most European countries, North America, South America and across Asia.

In the modern world, life operates on shorter cycles than ever before. This is reflected in everything from the way we live, with a rise in the number of people who rent properties in cities, to the way we work, with a decrease in the average time spent in one job. It is no surprise that this transition towards ephemerality is also reflected in the way we travel around cities.

At Zego, we will continue to create possibilities for new and innovative approaches to mobility, such as those of micromobility companies. To learn more about how we’re providing insurance solutions designed for the 21st century, you can visit our Fleet insurance page.