Risk and reward for our Fleet customers at Zego

Written by Sean Cole

Published on

Insurance is a major cost for all commercial fleets.

Over the years, fleets have invested time and money into improving their risk as they seek more affordable insurance options. Many have invested in telematics to locate stolen vehicles and monitor driver behaviour. Most also incentivise drivers to drive better and reduce the frequency of accidents.

This has been done largely independently from the insurer, with varying success. The cases where fleets are able to invest considerable resources in monitoring and contacting drivers have seen big improvements in their ability to assess and address risk. But for many, often smaller fleets, this isn't possible without adding dedicated staff.

As an insurer with access to behavioural data for all vehicles, Zego is in a unique position to help all fleets (irrespective of their size) reduce risk and control costs.

We're building automated, proactive risk management tooling which helps fleets manage risk without the need to constantly monitor and contact drivers. We're also offering dedicated advisory support from risk experts to help fleets identify what is driving their insurance costs and what to focus on to drive this down.