Thank you, car delivery drivers

Written by Benedict Harrison

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Our thank you to car delivery drivers for the essential work that they are doing.

The work that food delivery drivers do has always been important. But now, in these challenging times, their work is essential. Many people, including the vulnerable and those who are self-isolating, now rely on delivery drivers to bring them food and other goods that they need to survive. At Zego, we feel proud that we can support drivers, just as they support the country.

To say thank you and to acknowledge the bravery of delivery drivers working across the country, we have captured the stories of 3 drivers as they work in these difficult times.

The first of our spotlight videos features Michelle. Originally from São Paulo in Brazil, Michelle moved to the UK with her family four years ago. As a recent mother, she wanted access to flexible work that she could balance alongside caring for her young daughter, which she has been able to find through her job as a delivery driver.

Since the start of the lockdown, Michelle has continued to deliver food to customers, protected by gloves, a mask and new rules around dropping off food safely. Although she feels scared at the prospect of catching COVID-19 and putting her loved ones at risk, she feels happy that the importance of food delivery drivers is appreciated and she enjoys putting a smile on customers’ faces when she drops off their food.

At Zego, we will continue to do everything we can to support car delivery drivers like Michelle. If you are a 30-day car delivery insurance policyholder with Zego and cannot work due to suspected COVID-19, we will issue a 14 day credit notice against the renewal of your policy.

As the only insurer in the UK that offers pay-as-you-go Hire & Reward insurance, we will continue to support car delivery drivers by providing access to flexible insurance, which helps you save money if you’re working fewer hours. With this product, you only pay for the cover you actually use, which means that if you’re unable to work during this time, you won’t spend any money at all on your delivery insurance.

We will make sure that our customers are aware of all the options we have available during this time and we are available to offer support 7 days a week. Visit our car delivery insurance page to find out more information about our cover.

We would like to thank car delivery drivers for their essential work as they help keep the nation moving.