Thank you, van couriers

Written by Benedict Harrison

Published on

Our thank you to van couriers, who are playing an essential role delivering goods to those who need them.

Van courier drivers have always played an important role in delivering everything from home deliveries to medical supplies. But in light of the current situation regarding COVID-19, the work that they do, as well as their role in society, is essential. Many people, including those who are vulnerable or self-isolating, rely on the brave work carried out by van couriers to get through these challenging times.

At Zego, we are proud that we can support these essential workers, just as they support the country. To say thank you, and to acknowledge the hard work of van couriers working across the UK, we have captured Daniel’s story as he continues to deliver goods and parcels to those who need them.

Originally from Germany, Daniel came to the UK to work in the charity sector, but had to change his job for financial reasons. He started his job as a courier van driver just over a month ago, and has settled into a pattern working 5 days a week, starting at around 7am and finishing up around 5pm-6pm.

It has always been on Daniel’s mind to help people and serve the community initially through his charity work, but he feels the same sense of help and support by delivering parcels to those who are in need and have to stay at home. Due to the risk of infection, he was forced to leave the house he was living in and the number of parcels he needs to deliver each day can feel demanding. However, Danel has maintained a positive outlook, seeing the current situation as an opportunity to do something for others, a chance to learn and a moment for reflection.

We understand the importance of the work that couriers like Daniel carry out. That’s why, at Zego, we will do everything we can to continue to offer our help and support to all our customers. If you have a 30-day or Annual courier van insurance policy with Zego and you cannot work due to suspected COVID-19, we will offer you a 14-day credit notice against the renewal of your policy. Nobody should have to pay for cover they aren’t using, so you shouldn’t have to spend money on insurance if you can’t work.

With Zego’s 30-day policies, you can access short-term cover that offers you more flexibility if you’re unsure whether you’re ready to return to work full-time. As your policy is due for renewal every 30-days, you get more opportunities to pause your cover should you need to, providing you with flexible cover that can adapt to the quick changes in the world.

We will make sure that our customers are aware of all the options we have available during this time and we are available to offer support 7 days a week. Visit our courier van insurance page to find out more information about our cover.

We would like to thank van couriers for their essential work as they help keep the nation moving.