Our top tips to keep the cost of your scooter insurance down

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

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We explore how you can maximise your savings when purchasing scooter insurance at Zego.

There are a lot of important factors to consider when starting delivery work and among these is the cost of insurance. While your insurance is calculated based on your individual details, there are some key ways you can ensure you keep the price of your cover as low as possible.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the central factors that affect how much your scooter insurance costs and explain how you can keep your policy premium down.

What affects the price of my cover?

Before explaining some top tips about how you can keep your insurance costs low, it is important to first understand how your policy premium is calculated. Your quotation for scooter insurance is based on the details you provide us with when you sign up. Various factors such as the type of scooter or motorcycle you drive, how long you’ve held your licence, your driving history and any claims history are all taken into consideration when calculating your policy premium. This process is called underwriting and is why insurance varies in price depending on the individual. This is also the central reason why it is unlikely that you would be paying the same amount as a friend or family member.

Top tips for reducing your policy premium:

1. Finding the right policy

Ensuring you have a suitable policy which meets your individual needs is a key way you can save money on your insurance. At Zego, we understand that there is no singular policy suitable for every driver which is why we have a wide range of options available.

If you are only working part time as a delivery driver, you may find that you can keep the cost of your insurance low with our 30 day policies. By purchasing short term policies you can prevent payments for periods when you are not working and do not require delivery cover. This would provide you with more flexibility if you are someone who does not work all year round. If you work intermittently, our flexible pay-as-you-go option allows you to only pay cover for the hours you are working. This option would require you to already have Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) insurance in place which covers you for your personal use of the scooter. At Zego, we can offer this policy alongside your pay-as-you-go for either 30 days or the full annual period.

If you are a full time driver, our long term option may be more suitable for you. Generally, you would be saving more on your insurance in the long term by committing to an annual policy since purchasing a full year of cover is commonly less expensive than renewing 12 consecutive 30-day policies. Keep in mind that 12 consecutive 30-day policies do not complete a full year since some months have 31 days. For the equivalent amount of cover as an annual period, one would need to purchase just over 12 policies. With a 30-day policy, it is also possible that your premium can vary from month to month, which means you could end up paying even more than you would with an annual policy.

In most cases, annual policies are more cost-effective when paid upfront, because there are no additional interest charges. So, if you are able to pay for the year upfront, you might be able to save some money over the long run.

2. Driving safety

When you register to get a quotation for your insurance your driving history will be analysed. If you have had a clean driving record without any convictions or claims, this is likely to bring down the cost of your insurance. Driving safely will also decrease the likelihood of you needing to make a claim on your policy which will also benefit your policy premium in the long term.

3. No Claims Discount

Over time, you can reduce the cost of your cover through the accumulation of No Claims Discount (NCD) if you have stayed at Zego for one year without any cancellations or claims on your policy. Unlike some other companies, at Zego we also offer NCD for 30-day policyholders if there have been consistent renewals for a full year and no gaps in between policies. If you have proof of NCD from your previous company you can declare this when setting up your policy to reduce the quotation.

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