What is Fleet insurance? (Lets find out)

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Our fleet insurance is a type of policy that allows business owners, with two or more vehicles, to insure all of them together on one policy.

We take a look at how Fleet insurance works, the difference between our usage based and flat rate Fleet insurance and we’ll explain how you can get a quote for your vehicles from us today

How does Fleet insurance work?

Fleet insurance allows you to have one policy that covers all of your vehicles, instead of having multiple policies to cover multiple vehicles. Your Fleet insurance policy will also include cover for work-related activities as well as standard Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance.

Insurers may have restrictions, such as minimum age criteria, or a maximum number of points on a driver’s licence for a driver to be covered under your fleet policy. As long as they meet the criteria which insurers have in place, any driver that works for your business will be able to use any of the vehicles insured on your policy.

Is Fleet insurance better than individual policies?

Our Fleet insurance helps to reduce the administrative work associated with managing insurance.

For example, you can add or remove new vehicles and drivers from your policy whenever you need to, helping you to save time, and be rewarded with up to 30% off your policy at renewal if your fleet performs well, saving you money.

We’ve designed a dedicated Fleet management portal to give our customers full control over the vehicles and drivers they have on your fleet policy.

How does Zego’s Fleet insurance work?

We offer two different types of Fleet insurance at Zego, our usage based and flat rate policies.

Our usage-based Fleet insurance uses advanced technology and data collection from our partner ABAX, to develop accurate premiums based on the number of vehicles and drivers in your business and the distance they cover. To ensure your vehicles are always covered, you pay a minimum base rate for your policy which is then combined with a flexible premium which is calculated depending on vehicle usage.

Our flat-rate policy is a fixed premium for the duration of cover. Unlike our usage-based policy which requires you to pay according to your fleet’s activity, the flat rate premium would be calculated per each vehicle and then pro-rata for how long the vehicle is on the policy each month.

This is especially useful if you prefer having greater control and predictability of your monthly insurance costs.

How does Zego calculate the ‘flexible’ premium?

Our usage-based premiums are calculated and based either on:

  • How many miles your vehicles travel or,
  • How much time your vehicles spend on the road (micromobility only)

You'll never pay more than your monthly insurance cap, no matter how many miles your vehicle covers. This is a particularly suitable option for fleet companies with lower mileage or with less consistent demand.

How do I get a Fleet insurance quote from Zego?

To learn more about our usage-based and flat-rate cover, and to get a quote for your vehicles, you can visit our Fleet insurance page.