COVID-19 support for private hire customers

Written by Sean Cole

Published on

How we're supporting our private hire customers through the national lockdown.

As the COVID-19 situation in the UK continues to develop and affect life as we know it, we’re keen to keep our customers covered over through the national lockdown.

We know that as a private hire driver, you may face difficult circumstances such as being unable to work for several reasons in November and we are here to support you.

We want to make sure you have insurance that meets your demands and needs and, most importantly, reduces the risk of underinsurance. Here are some of the different initiatives we’ve rolled out to help support our private hire customers in these uncertain times.

Discounted policies

We understand that during the national coronavirus lockdown, many of our customers' work will be significantly impacted and that’s why we’re discounting our 30-day and annual private hire policies in the UK.

Until 30th November, Zego will discount all of its policies for Private Hire drivers by up to 12.5%, to ensure we can help keep customers driving and working with cheaper insurance premiums during this month.

Our existing Zego customers will have the discounts applied automatically to any renewal policies taken out in November. If you’re new to Zego, the discount will be automatically applied to your quote.

*These discounts are a November-only offer as part of Zego’s COVID support for drivers. Customers that receive a discount in November should expect their next renewal from December onwards to be calculated without a discount.

Policy Downgrades

UK Private Hire customers will also have the opportunity to temporarily downgrade their cover, this November.

Particularly useful for anyone unable to work at the moment, due to the national lockdown, switching to an SD&P only policy means you don’t have to declare your car off-road.

Instead, the policy downgrade gives you the freedom to use your vehicle for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes and keeps you on the road at a reduced price.