How to get an insurance certificate for courier work

Written by Benedict Harrison

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We take a look at how you can provide proof of cover for van courier work.

Before you start work as a courier driver, there are a number of steps on your journey to your new job. You’ll need to make sure you have a suitable vehicle for your work, decide whether you want to work with an existing company or start your own, and you’ll need to make sure you have the right insurance cover in place.

At Zego, we understand that if you’re new to courier work altogether, you may not even know where to start when it comes to making sense of the insurance you need. In this post, we’ll take a look at what type of cover is required for courier work, what you need to get your insurance certificate and how you can get started with your quote for Courier Van insurance with Zego.

What cover do you need to have in place?

To work as a courier driver in the UK, you need to make sure you have an insurance policy in place that covers you for Hire & Reward (H&R) use, H&R is the specific type of cover that protects you for delivering parcels in exchange for payment.

In addition to cover for H&R use, you’ll also need to ensure you have protection for your personal driving outside of work. This is called Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) insurance.

Many insurers, including Zego, offer combined insurance policies to courier drivers, which offer cover for courier work and personal driving in one convenient policy.

How can you provide proof you have courier insurance in place?

If you set up a Courier Van insurance policy with Zego, we’ll send you a copy of all your important documents by email. This includes your certificate of insurance, which can be used as proof of your cover. You can keep these safe for whenever you need them and we’re always happy to send another copy if you get in touch.

How can you get started with your quote?

We’ve made it quick and easy to get a quote for Courier Van insurance with Zego. Download the Zego Delivery app and get a quote.

For more information about our products, you can visit our Courier Van insurance page. We’ll show you the different options we have available and the different levels of cover you can choose.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Our friendly team will always be happy to help.