Our guide to insurance for Uber driver-partners

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A quick look at Zego’s insurance options for Uber driver-partners.

The world of transportation is changing every day and rideshare companies such as Uber are growing exponentially. Whether they have years of driving experience or are new to the road, many drivers signing up for Uber face one key issue - their insurance.

In this ever-changing environment, traditional insurance companies lack the understanding that Zego has of modern private hire drivers. We appreciate how key requirements and priorities have shifted with the new way of working and through this awareness are able to provide our customers with insurance that works for them. In this post, we’ll take a look at how Zego provides highly suitable options of Uber taxi driver insurance and how you can easily get a quote today.

How our insurance works

Our Private Hire insurance is a combination of the two main types of cover which are necessary for you to get started carrying passengers. The first aspect is Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) which is your standard car insurance covering you for your personal use and is necessary for your vehicle to be roadworthy.

The second part covers you for carrying goods or passengers in your vehicle and exchange this for payment at completion. There can be some serious consequences for attempting to do this without valid insurance in the form of fines, points on your license or even vehicle impounding.

As an Uber driver-partner this combination of both our SD&P + Private Hire in one singular policy will allow you to meet the UK government requirements permitting you to get started with private hire work!

What Private Hire Insurance includes

When it comes to our private hire policies, you have the option to set up your cover with or without Zego Sense - our advanced technology powering our most intelligent policies. At Zego we understand the importance of safe driving and through the Zego Sense app we’re able to provide you with the fairest price based on your driving behaviour.

As a trusted provider of Private Hire insurance, we’re pleased to say that Zego forms part of Uber’s selected insurance providers. As an Uber driver-partner you have the option to integrate your Uber account with your Zego account, allowing you to access a range of benefits. Uber’s insurance panel was established to help private hire drivers find cover for their work and we’re proud to have been a part of this since the beginning. We have been covering Uber driver-partners for a number of years, helping them to save time and money on their insurance.

Having either Zego Sense or an Uber integration with your policy would allow you the flexibility of working with other private hire companies. In addition to this, since one of the main pillars of our private hire insurance is H&R, you would also be covered to work with delivery work providers!

What’s covered with a Zego policy

We offer a wide range of policies for private hire drivers, so finding the most suitable option for your individual needs is an effortless process. If you require short term cover we can offer 7-day or 30-day policies and for long-term we offer annual policies. You have the choice between Third Party Only or Fully Comprehensive cover with any of these options. The higher level of cover selected, the higher your premium will be.

Alongside your primary policy, we can also offer add ons if you require further cover. Both Breakdown Cover and Vehicle Replacement Cover can be purchased for either 30 days or an annual period. While a replacement vehicle is included in our policies for your personal use, purchasing a Vehicle Replacement Cover policy will ensure you are provided with a private hire licensed vehicle while your car is in for repair. We can also offer No Claims Discount (NCD) protection for customers with over 3 years NCD.

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How to get started with your quote

Getting a quote has never been easier at Zego, For more information about the cover we offer for Uber driver-partners, you can visit our Uber Private Hire insurance page or get an Uber insurance quote now — it only takes a minute.