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What does taxi insurance cover?

Taxi insurance provides cover for professional drivers who carry pre-booked passengers (or food and parcels) in return for payment. It’s also known as hire and reward insurance.

It covers you for any damages or vehicle repairs if you’re involved in an accident, as well as legal expenses if somebody gets injured.

Why do I need taxi insurance?

Because taxi drivers carry passengers in exchange for money, there are additional risks that need to be considered by your insurer. These risks aren’t covered by your regular car insurance (also known as social, domestic and pleasure), so you’ll need a hire and reward policy, too.

Say a passenger trips while getting out of your car, or you accidentally damage someone’s property while making a delivery. You’ll need the right cover to keep you protected. That’s why private hire taxi insurance (or hire and reward) is needed. It covers you while using your vehicle for work.

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Choose between monthly and annual cover

Our Taxi insurance covers you for work and personal driving. That’s Hire and Reward (H&R) plus Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) cover in one simple policy.

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30 Days

From £144*

  • Short-term insurance cover.
  • Includes Personal (SD&P) and Hire and Reward (H&R) insurance.
  • Buy with a single payment.

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Annual (12 months)

From £1,349*

  • Long-term, cost-effective cover.
  • Includes Personal (SD&P) and Hire and Reward (H&R) insurance.
  • Buy with a single payment or 9 monthly instalments.

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What’s included with your taxi insurance?

Third Party Only

Fully Comp

Private hire work, food and parcel delivery, and personal driving

Costs for causing damage to other vehicles or property up to £5m

Your legal liability for causing death or injury to other people

Public Liability cover up to £5m

Loss, damage or theft of your vehicle and its spare parts

Windscreen (excess £50)

Audio, communication, and navigation equipment (excess £500)

Choose between Third Party Only and Fully Comprehensive

Third Party Only

Third Party Only

If you’re involved in an accident, Third Party Only covers other people and their property, but it doesn’t cover you. So you’re protected if someone gets injured and tries to sue you, but you won’t be covered if you get hurt or your car gets damaged.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully Comprehensive

This is the top level of cover. It protects you and your vehicle, plus other people and their property, too. You’ll also be covered for legal fees and compensation payouts if you’re found to be at fault.

What types of taxi insurance are available?

When getting taxi insurance quotes, you'll usually have three types of policies to choose from: Third party only, Third party, fire & theft and Fully comprehensive.

Third party only

Third party only

If you’re involved in an accident, third party insurance protects other people and their property, but it doesn’t cover you.

It pays to repair or replace other drivers’ vehicles, and it usually includes public liability insurance to cover any legal fees if someone gets hurt.

Third party, fire & theft

Third party, fire & theft

By adding fire and theft protection, you’ll get all the cover of third party only, plus protection in case your vehicle is stolen or damaged by accidental fire.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive

This is the top level of cover. It protects you and other drivers if you’re involved in an accident, including the repair and replacement of vehicles and any legal liability costs.

Fully comprehensive also includes cover for broken windscreens and the replacement of audio, communication and sat-nav equipment if it gets stolen.

Things insurers use to calculate your cover

  • Your age and driving record

  • The type of vehicle you use

  • Any previous claims or accidents

  • Your no claims history as a taxi driver

  • Where your vehicle is kept when not in use

How can I lower the cost of my taxi cover?

Generally, the more expensive and powerful your vehicle, the more you pay. Too many claims and penalty points on your licence also drive up the price. Younger taxi drivers usually pay more. And no NCD means you pay a higher renewal cost.

Here's what you can do to lower the price tag.

icon of public hire black cab taxi

Your vehicle

Choose a modestly priced vehicle with a smaller engine size.

taxi insurance license icon

Your licence

Try to keep your licence free from points.

shield and padlock for extra insurance policy protection

Extra protection

Buy NCD protection to keep your discount if you have an accident.

Save up to 32% with Zego Sense

Zego Sense is our app-based insurance for good drivers. Unlike standard policies, Zego Sense is priced on how you drive.

Learn more about Zego Sense

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Download the Zego Sense app

You'll need the Zego Sense app to use a Sense policy. Download it, activate your policy, and we'll give you 10% off to get you started.

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Start driving and build your score

Our app measures how you drive over time to give you a driver score. The better you drive, the less you pay at renewal.

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Drive well and get 
up to 32% off

Good drivers pay less when they renew – get up to 32% off the price before a Sense discount is applied.

Things to consider when getting taxi insurance

breakdown cover icon

Breakdown cover

We offer breakdown cover as an add-on to your Zego taxi insurance policy, so if your vehicle breaks down or you get a puncture, we'll get you home safely.

car icon

Personal driving cover

Our private hire taxi insurance includes both hire and reward (H&R) and social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) as standard.

windscreen icon

Windscreen cover

Our fully comprehensive taxi insurance includes windscreen cover as standard. It’s that extra peace of mind when you’re on the road.

3 people icon

Public liability insurance

Choose taxi insurance with Zego and you’ll get public liability insurance covering you for up to £5m.

Why do taxi drivers choose Zego?

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All-in-one insurance

Get cover for private hire work, food and parcel deliveries, and personal use. All in one simple policy.

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Here when you need us

Manage your account online or in the Sense app. If you need a hand, our support team will be happy to help.

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Good drivers save more

Choose our app-based Zego Sense policy and save up to 32% when you drive well. Because safe drivers should pay less.

Frequently asked questions

*10% of customers paid this or less in the 6 months prior to 24/10/23.
When you buy a Sense policy, your upfront payment is 10% cheaper than a standard policy, as of 01/05/23.
32% discount is the maximum that can be achieved by Sense policyholders who have a driver score of 95 and above, as of 05/09/23.
Policies sold based on the total number of policies sold by Zego until 24/10/23.