Private Hire Insurance. How Fast Can You Get It?

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Time is money. When taxi drivers don’t drive, they don’t earn. It’s only hours behind the wheel that generate an income. All professional drivers know the business has troughs and peaks. There are moments when the going’s good and times when their taxi is empty, or off the road for repairs. These issues cannot be helped, but what drivers don’t need are delays in getting their insurance. Private hire drivers cannot operate without cover. Getting top quality Private Hire insurance without losing time on the road is essential. Searching for a speedy answer means many drivers ask, ‘How fast can I get Private Hire insurance?’ Here’s the inside scoop:

Get your ducks in a row

The more prepared you are, the sooner you get your policy. Have the basic information ready:

  • Personal details, including PHL number
  • Car details, including mileage and VIN number
  • List of any claims in the past three years – your fault or not
  • Any penalty points on your licence?
  • Work details, including where you work and annual miles you drive
  • Who do you work with? This means details of the taxi firm or rideshare like Uber

It will also speed the process if you know what kind of policy you need. Do you want flexible 30 days or annual cover? Or would telematic insurance like Zego Sense work for you? This app-based policy rewards safe drivers with lower prices. The safer you drive, the more you save – up to 32%.

Lastly, do you want Third Party or Fully Comprehensive protection. (Unsure? Please ask for help).

Cut out the office visit

To get their Private Hire insurance some drivers still waste a day travelling to a broker’s office and going through tons of papers. With time away from work, plus the cost of fuel and parking, this doesn’t make financial sense. Go online. Zego gives you a competitive quote in under a minute, then buy your policy with just a quick chat on the phone.

Get cover and get working in less than thirty minutes

Want your cover now? On average, taxi drivers get their Zego Private Hire insurance in less than half an hour - faster than the time it takes to have a sandwich and a coffee. No down time, no lost earnings. Seamlessly link your Zego policy to our integrated work providers like Uber, Ola, and Bolt.

The UK taxi industry is a time and distance business. Time on the metre and miles on the road are where the money is. With costs always rising, private hire drivers must make the most of every moment. Waiting for insurance is just a waste of earnings. Discover fast, competitively priced private hire insurance with Zego. Buy 30 days or annual policies. Or choose Zego Sense, the policy that rewards good drivers with lower prices – the safer you drive, the more you save.

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