We gave away a free scooter — here’s what we learnt…

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A few months ago, we ran a competition where the prize was a brand new scooter. We chose to give away a Honda PCX 125; a scooter that’s popular among Zego customers as well as being a great bike for riding around the city. Entry was open to anyone, not just riders who are insured with Zego, and it was free for everyone to register to be in with a chance of winning.

We even threw in a portable USB charger and phone stand to make our prize the perfect bike for carrying out food delivery and courier work. It’s no surprise that we had so many people sign up and so much enthusiasm for our prize.

Our lucky winner, picked completely at random, was Nicole. Nicole is a Zego customer who works part-time as a model, using her work as a food delivery driver to earn a bit of extra money on the side. She uses Zego’s pay-as-you-go insurance so that she only pays for her cover while she’s working.

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A couple of months on, we caught up with Nicole to see how she’s getting on with her new bike.

How did you get into food delivery work to begin with?

My boyfriend does food delivery work so that’s how I found out about the job.

What do you like best about working in food delivery?

I like that restaurants are open from morning to late evening, so I’m free to work at whatever time suits me.

As a Zego customer, how have you found the experience of being insured with Zego?

Being insured with Zego has been really good. They’re really efficient and flexible.

Is there anything you particularly like about having your insurance with Zego?

I like that I have the option to pay as I go so there’s no commitment to pay ‘x’ amount a month if I’m not working or using the app as much.

How did you feel when you found out you had won a brand new Honda PCX 125?

I was so excited and so happy! I couldn’t believe I won!

Finally, how are you getting on with your brand new Honda PCX 125?

The bike looks great and is great to ride!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. Unfortunately, we only had one scooter to give away, but we’re delighted that our prize has gone to a good home. Don’t feel too disappointed if you missed out on this one — we’ll be running more competitions in the future and there will be plenty more great prizes to come!

The changing face of work

Our prize-winner’s story offers an interesting perspective on the nature of modern work. Nicole’s use of part-time food delivery work to supplement her earnings from her modelling is reflective of a change across the face of the labour market as a whole. The freedom afforded to people by flexible work creates opportunities which allow them to access income streams across multiple industries.

Work no longer takes place solely from 9–5, Monday to Friday. Nicole’s observation that she is free to work at whatever time suits her exemplifies society’s transition away from traditional methods of earning a living. By avoiding the commitment to pay a set amount every month, Nicole has been provided with access to insurance that matches both her schedule and the flexibility of her work.

We at Zego want to provide insurance that can empower people to explore new ways of working, helping to maintain the freedom and flexibility that workers such as Nicole enjoy. Insurance ought not to be viewed as a tax or a burden, but as a protection which enables people to explore new ways of working, safe in the knowledge that they are covered should something go wrong.