Zego launches flat rate policy for fleet businesses

Written by Jack Ramaswamy

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new flat rate insurance policy for fleet and private hire companies. This product has been introduced to cater specifically for companies with consistent high demand, driving high mileage or simply wanting to pay a fixed premium each month. The flat rate policy is a further expansion of our current options for fleet businesses here at Zego and much like our usage-based policy, it is powered by the ABAX solution.

How does it work?

Unlike our usage-based policy which allows fleet companies to only pay for insurance when they need it, our flat rate policy is a fixed premium for the duration of cover. This can generally be considered a more cost effective option for fleet companies with high mileage since a flexible premium of a usage-based policy with these circumstances is likely to result in them paying more.

If you are managing a fleet company and choose to purchase the flat rate policy you will also be assisted by Zego in the installation of ABAX in your vehicles. This powerful technology gathers data regarding driving behaviour throughout your fleet, providing you with an insight into how long your vehicles are on the road and the distance they cover. The information acquired through ABAX can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your fleet’s safety, placing you in a better position to identify and manage any risks. Sharing this information with Zego can see you being rewarded with up to 30% off your policy at the time of renewal as part of an offer if your fleet is high performing.

Zego’s Commercial Director, Ines Ferraci has stated: “Zego is committed to offering fleets the most cost effective, flexible and easy-to-manage insurance policies. Where our flagship ‘by the mile’ flexible products suit some fleets, others prefer to pay a set monthly premium - whilst still being able to access the benefits Zego’s telematics and intuitive dashboards bring. We are thrilled to be able to offer a choice of products to fleets all of which reward better driving performance.”

Managing your fleet with Zego

As a fleet company insured with Zego you will also be able to effectively manage your vehicles and claims processes as well as acquire your policy documents through Zego’s fleet portal. The portal provides insights into respective vehicle performances, a live view of claims and allows you to add and remove vehicles or drivers instantly from your policy with the click of a button. These features have been designed to improve the accessibility and management of your insurance, saving you time and money.

Getting started with Zego

For more information about Zego’s products, or if you’re interested in getting a quote for your fleet of mopeds or e-bikes, you can visit our Fleet Insurance Page.

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