Zego launches flexible products for moped and e-bike fleets

Written by Benedict Harrison

Published on

Image of an e-bike rider

We’re excited to announce that we have launched two new flexible insurance products to cover moped and e-bike fleets operating in the UK. We have developed and launched these new products to save time and money for businesses operating in the fast-growing food and grocery delivery market.

The first of Zego’s new products offers usage-based fleet insurance, which means that your business only pays for insurance when you actually need it. It’s important to make sure your vehicles are always covered to operate your fleet legally, so you pay a minimum base rate per vehicle for your policy. Then, depending on the usage of your vehicles, which we can base on the mileage of your vehicles or how much time they spend on the road, you pay a flexible premium.

The flexible part of Zego’s usage-based policies is powered by the ABAX solution, which keeps track of the usage of your vehicles. The ABAX solution helps power Zego’s usage-based policies by gathering data on the usage of your vehicles. When the ABAX device is installed in your vehicles, you can keep track of how long your vehicles are on the road and how much distance they cover. We then use this information to calculate the ‘flexible’ part of your premium.

Did you know?

If you have vehicles that are off-road and not in use, you can save up to 80% per vehicle on your premium. (These savings are calculated as the percentage difference between your maximum monthly cap and your minimum base rate for your cover.)

Image displaying how the saving is calculated

The second product that we’ve launched offers fixed-term annual cover charged per vehicle, designed specifically for fleets of e-bikes. We’re also offering the option to pay on a monthly basis, so there’s no need for any large upfront payments, helping you to manage your cash flow.

Ines Feracci, Commercial Director at Zego, said: “The market for fleet moped and e-bike businesses is growing at a rapid pace, particularly due to the surge in delivery and courier services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Zego has already been able to serve this part of the market well, by partnering with a number of fleet businesses and work providers, and this product is an evolution of that work. We recognise the growing use of mopeds and e-bikes by delivery drivers and riders up and down the country, and are pleased that alongside our partners we are now able to provide a far more affordable and fairer insurance model for these businesses.”

For more information about Zego’s products, or if you’re interested in getting a quote for your fleet of mopeds or e-bikes, you can visit our Fleet insurance page.